• enemigo público número unoPuente Grande JailNancy Pelosi rejected the idea that Democrats are less critical of Barack Obama’s drone polices than they would have been had George Bush had the same policy. Pelosi explained she wasn’t sure if the public should be informed when American citizens are targeted, saying “it just depends” and “we’re in a different world.” Rand Paul, meanwhile, called support for the president’s targeted killings policy “very scary and worrisome.”
  • Rand Paul may bebetter positioned than Marco Rubio to run for president in 2016.
  • Chicago’s named its first “public enemy number one” since the gangster Al Capone, a Mexican drug lord named Joaquin Guzman who’s holed up in the mountains of western Mexico. But let’s keep talking about “gun violence” not the drug war.
  • The AP reports it found a letter from a high ranking officer of Al-Qaeda detailing the terrorist network’s strategy to conquer Mali, including compromising on its religious extremism to acquire allies it acknowledges it needs in the region.
  • The Knight Foundation says it regrets paying disgraced former New Yorker writer Jonah Lehrer $20,000 for a speaking engagement that included a public apology and talk about his plagiarism.
  • Cops in southern Illinois mistook a maple syrup operation for a meth lab, while in Oklahoma police found a mini-meth lab on a golf course.
  • Unions are exempt from anti-stalking laws in at least four states, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Nevada. Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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