• home studioWhite HousePresident Obama wants to talk about his State of the Union address in a Google Hangout on Thursday.
  • The defense contractor Raytheon is developing software that can track people on social media networks and use data collected to predict future behavior.
  • A NASA communications plane is headed back to Afghanistan while U.S. military equipment is headed out of the country via land routes in Pakistan.
  • One of the people shot by police in their multijurisdictional hunt for ex-cop Christopher Dorner has called Torrence cops "violent and reckless" for shooting at and detaining him.
  • Teenage pregnancies are down through 2011, according to government statistics.
  • Hillary Clinton is reportedly already planning to write her next memoirs.
  • Allen Iverson’s Atlanta home is apparently being foreclosed on.
  • Pepsi is rolling out a new Mountain Dew breakfast drink.

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