Credit: Lawrence OPCredit: Lawrence OP

  • Pope Benedict XVI has announced that he will resign at the end of the month, saying that he is finding it difficult to carry out papal duties at his age.
  • Ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner is now a target of drones. Officials hope that thermal cameras on UAVs will help in the hunt for Dorner, who has allegedly killed three people.
  • The cogs of the Obama apparatus are launching social media, fundraising, and outreach campaigns ahead of tomorrow’s State of the Union.
  • Jihadists in Syria have seized a dam on the Euphrates.
  • French, Nigerian, and Malian forces have regained control of Gao after Islamic militants attacked the town in northern Mali yesterday.
  • A man is suing the TSA after being locked up for 25 hours for jokingly remarking to his wife and daughters that his explosives were being taken away after his peanut butter was confiscated.

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