• President Obama wants at least a short term delay in the sequestration’s automatic reductions in the growth of spending as well as “tax reforms,” while John Boehner says he won’t support higher taxes to avoid sequestration. House Republicans are also pressing the president for an actual budget.
  • Allowing patients to manage their own care leads to better outcomes, lower costs and higher patient satisfaction, a new report shows. In related news, the CBO estimates seven million people will lose their healthcare coverage under Obamacare. The chocolate rations have been increased.
  • French anti-terror police arrested four suspected Islamist militants in Paris.
  • The Falkland Islands will be Argentina’s within 20 years, its foreign minister said on a visit to London.
  • Beyonce is in hot water with PETA for donning an iguana and python skin outfit at the Super Bowl halftime show.
  • A strain of bacteria has been found to produce nanoscale gold nuggets. For survival.
  • The asteroid 2012 DA-14 will pass within 18,000 miles of the Earth, closer than the orbit of geosynchronous satellites.

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