• The NRA says some members of Joe Biden’s task force are more interested in demonizing he Second Amendment than protecting schoolchildren. Duh?
  • Leon Panetta tells Hamid Karzai the U.S. will stand by Afghanistan even as plans emerge for a potential massive withdrawal.
  • The government released wholly redacted summaries of foreign intelligence court decisions in response to a FOIA request by the Electronic Frontier Foundation over FISA.
  • President Obama has signed a law restoring lifetime Secret Service privileges for himself and George W. Bush. The law also covers former First Ladies and children of presidents until they turn 18.
  • A study finds male jurors are more likely to convict fat women, especially if the men are thin.
  • The EU’s economic and monetary affairs commissioner says governments on the continent must continue to cut spending after the IMF insisted the cuts are harmful to the economy.
  • Major League Baseball will be randomly testing for Human Growth Hormone this baseball season.

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