• Paul Ryan told supporters in Iowa that victory “is within our grasp.” Obama and Romney will have their final debate tonight, focusing on foreign policy. 
  • A car bomb in Damascus has killed 13 people. The attack comes as U.N peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi tries to persuade Assad to implement a cease-fire. 
  • Japanese exports to China have dropped amid territorial disputes over uninhabited islands. 
  • The funeral of an assassinated Lebanese intelligence chief ended in violence as mourners tried to storm the offices of the Prime Minister. 
  • The TSA is moving body scanners from major airports, replacing them with machines that experts say are safer. TSA officials say that the move was not motivated by safety concerns, but rather the need to speed up checkpoints. 
  • Maoists are hoping to save one of their own, issuing a public letter calling for the Chinese parliament to not expel Bo Xilai

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