• Public Health Warrior Michelle Obama's Husband caught eating crappy food again
  • New Gallup poll finds 50 percent of Republicans favor Pres. Obama's Afghanistan withdrawal plan, only 43 percent oppose. 
  • Ron Klain says the White House needs to "get caught trying" to do something about jobs. 
  • The governor of Chihuahua wants the U.S. to deny an asylum request by a former Juarez police chief because the officer's defection "damage[s] the image" of Juarez. 
  • Bank of America to pay $8.5 billion to investors who got screwed by the company's crappy mortgage investing strategy.
  • A Miami TSA worker who attacked his colleagues for making fun of him after a full-body scan revealed his tiny member has agreed to attend anger management classes and write a letter of apology to his coworker.

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