So says Denverite Deborah Davis, a 50-year-old woman with a son fighting in Iraq. And who got pulled off a public bus for failing to show I.D. to a guard who boarded the bus outside the Denver Federal Center. From an account by Denver Post columnist David Harsanyi:

"I'm just a regular, normal, everyday person," Davis says. "There is nothing really far out about me. I have been laid off. I pay my taxes. I have my problems. I am no different than anyone else. It just didn't seem right."

Ah, but here she's wrong.

She's not like anyone else. So let's hope more Americans act like Deb Davis, not another partisan hack acting the victim, but an average American who questions government intrusion into our private and public lives for freedom's sake.

Davis, who will be arraigned in December, faces two misdemeanor federal charges and up to 60 days in jail. She's being represented by the ACLU. Whole thing here.

Tip o' the pixel to reader Sean Verlain.

D'oh! Update: Jacob Sullum blogged Deborah Davis' case last week here.