In case the boozers at the next Hit & Run gathering start talking rebellion against the evil Reason overlords, reader Grylliade writes in to inform us that he's already formed a breakaway republic:

I've set up some a website with forums for any Hit and Run commenters to use that want to. It's meant to let people have a place where they can talk to other commenters without having to worry about staying on topic.

There have been many times that I've wondered what the Hit and Run's people take on something is, and I've not been able to ask because there's no mechanism for it. Now there is.

I don't want to step on any toes here, but I figured since Reason hasn't done this in the three years or so that Hit and Run's been up, they're not likely to. I considered lobbying for this, but then I thought, "We're all libertarians here. Why ask authority to do something when you can do it yourself?" So I did.

The site is People can register on the main page, and post in the forums; I might do something with the rest of the stuff on the site, I might not. We'll see where this all goes.

Maybe either the cocktail hour or the new forum will provide answers to the riddle that puzzles me the most: What becomes of those old H&R commenters who have wondered off. Mona, Sir Real, Lefty, DJ of Raleigh, where art thou? Who/where is "Libertarian Larry," the Badnarik hater who always called me CAUVANAUGHA and never tired of telling me what "fucken idiot" I am? (Just kidding, mom! I know it was you!) At the bar or on the web, pour out some Thunderbird for the brothers that ain't here.

Update: Gary informs us that Libertarian Larry shot himself in May. RIP.