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Don't Give Government Too Much Credit


In Newsday, Reason magazine Contributing Editor Cathy Young writes:

Entrepreneurs "give back" to society not only in taxes but in products that improve our lives -- and in charity. While individual success is aided by public institutions, private associations such as family and community often play a larger role.

Obama is not a quasi-communist; he is just a liberal. Yet at a time when more than 40 percent of our gross domestic product is spent by government, we should be asking how much government is too much. Obama's speech suggests that his instinct is for more, not less.

Full column at Newsday.

ObamaCare's Unenforceable Tax

Desert Dispatch

In the Daily Dispatch, Reason magazine Senior Editor Jacob Sullum writes:

Last week, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare. It was the 33rd such vote taken by the House and, since Democrats control the Senate, no more likely to be successful than the first 32.

The day before the vote, however, the House Ways and Means Committee heard testimony that highlighted another, more promising way to override the health care law: Americans can refuse to comply with its command that they obtain government-approved medical coverage, which the Supreme Court has deemed a mere suggestion even though it is essential to the legislation’s goals. Furthermore, if ObamaCare objectors take a simple precaution, they can opt out without paying the prescribed penalty.

ObamaCare requires insurers to take all comers and charge them the same rates, regardless of health. Those rules create two problems that reinforce each other: They raise premiums, and they encourage people to delay buying medical coverage until they’re sick. 

As more healthy people go without insurance, rates rise further to make up the difference, which encourages more people to go without insurance, which increases rates further still. To avoid such a “death spiral,” ObamaCare commanded young, healthy people to “maintain minimum essential coverage” as defined by the government, thereby subsidizing the medical expenses of older, sicker people.

Read the full column here.


Reason on health care and the Supreme Court.

Media Coverage of the Colorado Theater Massacre

The Jerry Doyle Show

Today Reason magazine Editor in Chief Matt Welch is scheduled to appear on the nationally syndicated Jerry Doyle Show to discuss hisanalysis of the media coverage of the Colorado theater massacre. The show says:

Jerry’s back, rested and ready to be tested and boy the media really is testing him right now.

Within moments of the name of the shooter in Colorado being released to the public the media was falling all over itself to be the first to bring us some “facts” about the shooter. From Reason Magazine ( Matt Welch will be here to help separate the “fact” from the “fiction”. One pile is going to be MUCH larger than the other…


Matt Welch in USA Today: Media Needs to Learn to Say "I Don't Know"


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