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Surviving the Death of the West: Podcast

Trump disrupts the status quo on trade, diplomacy, North Korea, and pot.


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Browse any newsstand or bookstore this week and you're likely to see illustrations like the ones to the right. "Trump Tries to Destroy the West," went the headline on today's New York Times op-ed page. The president's contentious performance at this weekend's G7 meeting, and his impetuous approach to the forthcoming North Korea talks in Singapore, has left the western world's political class noticeably rattled.

Some of this turmoil, particularly on global trade, is pointing in an unpromising direction, argue Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, me, and special guest Zach Weissmueller on today's editor-roundtable edition of the Reason Podcast. But maybe Trump can break up some diplomatic logjams in Asia, and his preliminary willingness to back a marijuana federalism bill is definitely a big freaking deal. Listen up.

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