Are you an experienced writer who covers technology and innovation? Do you love free minds and free markets? Reason wants to hire you. 

Politics is a dumpster fire that we're working to put out. But in the meantime, we want to offer our readers/watchers/listeners more stories about exciting (and alarming) stuff happening in technology and the places where tech touches politics. 

This is not a position covering tech policy. Instead, think markets and innovation in crypto, rockets, biotech, robots, video games, and more. We want to look at how tech is changing the world, the ways in which technology has made the world freer, more open, more interesting, and more fun. 

We're looking for someone with a substantial clip file that demonstrates an ability to write thoughtful, timely, thesis-driven articles that align with Reason's mission. We couldn't care less about your years of experience or educational attainment. Our ideal candidate will be opinionated but also well-sourced in the technology industry and willing to report out original stories. This is first and foremost a writing job, but we also value experience with podcasts and video, and a lively social media presence. 

This is a full-time position. Location is negotiable, though D.C. is preferred. 

Send clips, cover letter, and résumé to