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Come to a Reason Happy Hour with Matt Welch in Austin on September 26!

Drinks and conversation from 5:30-7:00 p.m. at Swift's Attic

||| Walter Bibikow / Walter Bibikow / DanitaDelimont.comAttention, friends o' Reason anywhere near Austin, Texas: Let's have some adult beverages and lively conversation from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. September 26 at a joint called Swift's Attic!

I will be in town to moderate a panel at the Texas Tribune Festival featuring Libertarian Party National Chair (and Phoenix mayoral candidate) Nicholas Sarwark, Texas gubernatorial candidate Mark Tippetts, and Indiana Senate candidate Lucy Brenton, so we can talk about that stuff if you'd like. Or you could just regale me with stories about bats and bands and tacos. You decide! Here are the details (including all-important RSVPs):

Who: All 21-and-over friends and frenemies of Reason are welcome!
What: Happy Hour with Austin pals, featuring Matt Welch
When: September 26, 5:30-7:00 p.m. We may stay out later...
Where: Swift's Attic, 315 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701
RSVP: abbey-dot-lee-at-reason-dot-org.

See you there!

Photo Credit: Walter Bibikow / "Danita Delimont Photography"/Newscom

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  • Nardz||

    For, literally, a cocktail party.

    Stay woke

  • Fredo||

    It's why Welch has gotten so shitty lately, he knows all the jokes are true and he's grown to despise himself.

  • Just Say'n||

    Are you guys all going to talk about how important it is to understand and be nice to socialists?

  • Dillinger||

    Dallas and you're on. Austin blows.

  • Deconstructed Potato||


  • BestUsedCarSales||

    Will Iowahawk be there too?

  • BestUsedCarSales||

    It looks like yes, Iowahawk will be there. Which makes me very jealous that this is on a Wednesday. Sorry Welch. You're overshadowed.

  • Just Say'n||

    How would you know Iowahawk will be there other than the fact that you're Nick Sarwark?

  • Aloysious||

    Or you could just regale me with stories about bats and bands and tacos.

    How about I tell you all about my cats? In great detail...

  • Derpmaster General||

    No Scott Horton or Cody Wilson? Meh.

  • lalbisht||

    i have found one of the best portal for information i was looking for. impressive.


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