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Jack Abramoff and Me

An incredibly nuanced and ethically unimpeachable disclaimer.

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Any monies received by National Journal from Jack Abramoff or his organizations or clients will not be donated to charity.

MODIFIED ADJUSTED AMENDMENT TO ALL PREVIOUS DISCLAIMERS. National Journal stands proudly behind its staff writers. It also wishes to announce that this column is the sole responsibility of the author, whose integrity the magazine will defend to the utmost except in the event of a legal claim against him by Jack Abramoff, in which event, hasta la vista, baby. �

The magazine further wishes to announce that its legal department has advised it to terminate said author, who is to be evicted from the premises as a result of making unauthorized disclaimers, including this one. Effective immediately, this column will be taken over by Kirk Victor, who wishes to announce that he has received no money from Jack Abramoff, and that, should he ever pass Jack Abramoff on the street, he intends to kick him.

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Jonathan Rauch is a senior writer and columnist for National Journal and a frequent contributor to Reason. The article was originally published by National Journal.

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