Justin Amash

Justin Amash, Republican (For Now) Unicorn

There aren't more like him in Congress. Which is why he might take the third-party plunge.


Who is this guy, Democrats want to know this week. Are there more like him in the Republican Party? Could he help us win back Michigan?

Rep. Justin Amash (R–Mich.) threw a turd in the punchbowl of predictable two-party politics Saturday when he became the first of the GOP's 197-member caucus to declare that "President Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct." Now the Grand Rapids libertarian is getting the "strange new respect" treatment from the likes of Mark Hamill, while journalists puzzle over how an alleged former "gadfly" could suddenly seem so resistance-y and the Libertarian Party damn near begs for him to switch teams.

But the first thing to know about Amash is that, whether or not you agree with his conclusions on impeachment or authorizations of military force, he takes his job with a seriousness that has almost vanished from the legislative branch. He holds the modern day congressional record for most consecutive votes not missed, 4,289 over six-plus years, and reportedly wept when he accidentally missed one.

"Few members of Congress even read Mueller's report; their minds were made up based on partisan affiliation—and it showed," Amash tweeted during his Saturday thread, and even fewer serious people in Washington would disagree. (Note: Donald Trump is not a serious person.)

Amash is that nerd who insists on reading entire bills before voting on them, then explaining every vote on social media. And as an honest-to-goodness "constitutional conservative"—remember them?—he gets stubborn when his own team violates its stated principles, or when Congress willingly abdicates its role as a co-equal branch of government.

"When one party has full control of government," he told me in 2017, "that party starts to go on a spending spree and stops worrying about the debt and deficits." You will recall that the one party in question back then was the GOP.

Indeed, this latest impeachment jag is hardly the first time Amash has gone out on a limb to oppose the president. He condemned Trump's initial travel ban of residents from predominantly Muslim countries, helped scotch Republican efforts to repeal/replace Obamacare (drawing a call from Trump's social media director to "defeat" Amash in a primary).

He also opposed the president's emergency declaration along the southern border, called Trump's comments about murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi "repugnant," and was one of the only Republicans on Capitol Hill to support setting up a special counsel investigation after the firing of FBI Director James B. Comey.

So is House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R–Bakersfield) right when he says that Amash "votes more with Nancy Pelosi than he ever votes with me"? Er, no. As New York magazine's Jonathan Chait points out, Amash has "an 88 percent score from the American Conservative Union, [and] a 100 percent score from FreedomWorks." He's anti-abortion, more anti-interventionist than the average Democrat, and when bills add to the federal government's vast ocean of red ink, he votes no.

In other words, Amash sounds a lot like…a Libertarian (abortion stance notwithstanding). He has been publicly mulling a third-party run at the White House all year; the Libertarian presidential field thus far has failed to impress, and even two years ago Amash was saying things like, "Hopefully, over time, these two parties start to fall apart."

Michigan's straight-ticket voting system, whereby voters can choose a party's entire slate of candidates by checking just one box, has until now dampened any Amashian urge to jump ship. But now that he has a new primary challenger, and the very House Freedom Caucus that he co-founded has voted unanimously to condemn him, the temptation to abandon Congress entirely and run for president as a Libertarian may prove irresistible.

If Amash were to seek and win the Libertarian nomination—which isn't decided until May 2020—he almost certainly wouldn't become president, but it's possible he'd affect the outcome by throwing up a Michigan-sized roadblock to the president's reelection. In a state Trump won by just 10,704 votes, Amash in 2016 received 203,545, or more in just one district than Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson won statewide.

Unlike Johnson, Amash is all too familiar with the pronunciation of the word "Aleppo," what with his mother being a Syrian immigrant and his father a Palestinian refugee. And unlike Trump, Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders, Amash is not a septuagenarian shaking his fist at clouds, but a 39-year-old fitness enthusiast who actually grasps basic technology and market economics.

You won't go broke betting against independent and third-party candidates in American politics, particularly in these polarized and fearful times. But even if Amash merely serves out his term and then steps aside, he will have done us a favor. Sometimes those on the outside of the two major political tribes can show us things about ourselves we can't otherwise see.

This article originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

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118 responses to “Justin Amash, Republican (For Now) Unicorn

  1. “…he takes his job with a seriousness that has almost vanished from the legislative branch.”

    “…Amash tweeted during his Saturday thread,…”

    Your mileage may very on the level of seriousness.

    1. Yes, my instinct is that as well. But I have to tell myself that Twitter and Facebook and the like are mediums to connect with constituents. While I think his impeachment thread was a tad vapid… [voice trails off]

      1. The problem for me is that it is that vapid tweet that has the Reason staff creaming their shorts for the past week.

        1. Amash is a scumbag who co-owns MIT, a company which owns Tekton, which ILLEGALLY imports chinese products and claims they were made in the US. That is why he’s suddenly so vocal. This adoration of anyone who confronts Trump has to stop. The same idiots would have elected Avenatti.

    2. I bet people said the same thing about FDR’s use of radio

    3. His tweets would have been fine if they linked to an actual analysis for his views instead of being generic platitudes meant to drive his name recognition on Sunday shows.

      1. Pelosi Was Almost Entirely Correct About Impeachment

        Look who was also “right” about impeachment. Such a passive aggressive Lefty Narrative.

      2. So, Justin Amash is throwing his career away for a few minutes on TV? That doesn’t make sense, no matter what the President says.

        1. Do you like career politicians?

          1. I hadn’t considered that. I guess more politicians committing career suicide would be a good thing. One down, 534 to go, I suppose.

        2. Jeff flake did as well. What is shocking to you?

  2. Justin Amash (R–Mich.) threw a turd in the punchbowl…

    …then the resident turd (POO*) threw him back out, citing squatter’s rights.

    *President Orange Obstruction

    1. The two party punch bowl is well beyond the turd throwing stage. It’s high time for some explosive diarrhea in there, followed by launching said punch bowl via trebuchet

    2. “*President Orange Obstruction”


      1. The word you’re looking for is “accurate”

        1. +1 godzillion 🙂

  3. What’s the big deal?
    Of course the President has engaged in impeachable conduct.
    Impeachable conduct is any conduct for which the House impeaches you.
    He can be impeached for not being Hillary.
    He can be impeached for spitting on the sidewalk. (I am that old)
    He can be impeached for using Air Force One too much (AOC a sure vote).
    The trick is to get a conviction in the Senate.

    1. I’d much rather the Dems spend the rest of Trump’s term(s) focusing on impeachment then focusing on implementing their horrific ideas. Amash, on the other hand, should be more focused on cutting spending then jumping on the TDS train.

  4. Amash appears to be caught up in the whirlwind of Trump Derangement. It may not be the case, but it’s how it appears. I honestly believe that every president held under the instant scrutiny that this one has been would be found to have engaged in appalling behavior, and I think Amash should know this as well. But it’s Trump the Vulgar, first of his name. Amash’s tone with regard to the president is not measured enough to rise above the resistance din. Only his party affiliation does that.

    As we know, the congressman is a social conservative. He will come to understand that any accolades he gets from anyone but nevertrumpers will be extremely short-lived. I don’t know what he truly thought he was accomplishing but as I have said before he could learn much from Rand Paul.

    1. I think there might be some kind of rule that before you announce your candidacy as a libertarian, you have to purposely alienate as many potential voters as possible.

      1. LOL

        1. +1

    2. Rand appears to be in it for the long game. Much like his father, but with more pragmatism such that he actually has some influence. Obviously he would like to be President, but I think he’s happy getting his pet issues out there and the Senate and a primary every 4 years allows him that stage. He also seems to have found Trump’s ear on a few issues.

      It’s harder to tell exactly what Amash is up to, but the impeachment tweets are not pragmatic in any way that I can tell. I suspect it’s all related to a presidential run with the LP, but like I said, it’s really hard to tell.

      1. I could see Rand Paul running for Prez in 2024. Seems like a perfect time.

        Trump will have finished his second term. A market correction might have happened and the economy back on track quickly because Trump would likely keep government out of it. The Democratic Party is no longer a national party anymore.

        1. Todays market is like a Tesla – it will either remain in its lane and manage the best it can, or it will slam into gaurd-rail and kill all its occupants. Thats what you have to look forwards to. Prepare accordingly.

      2. I’ve lost respect for Rand a long time ago. However, I have tons of respect for Amash. He is much closer to Ron Paul than Ron’s own son. I have always respected and admired courage. It is a very rare bird.

        1. Eunuch gonna eunuch

    3. Both Trump haters and Trump supporters suffer from TDS.

      Amash, however, is able to oppose Trump on some things while supporting him on others. In short, he is able to think clearly even when Trump is involved.

      That can’t be said of Trump’s fans. It’s so bad that when somebody like David French or Jonah Goldberg *praises* the president, the Trump boosters come out in force to shout down the non-existent criticism.

      1. It is so cute when people try and associated TDS with people that support Trump’s good deeds.

        Youre not fooling anyone.

        1. I associate TDS with people who support his bad deeds. That’s the derangement part.

          1. Bad deeds based on evidence would be factual, therefore not deranged.

            The derangement comes from hating Trump because…Lefty reasons

            Its why we say you people have TDS.

            1. “Bad deeds based on evidence would be factual, therefore not deranged.”

              See, this sentence is incoherent gibberish. The bad deeds are factual? Support for them is factual? Clearly the product of a deranged mind. (I kid.)

              FWIW, I don’t think Trump is deranged, but rather a shrewd albeit unorthodox politician. What I object to is the knee jerk response to his actions and statements based on Team Red, Team Blue affiliation. I like the job he’s done as president (lower taxes, fewer regulations, kept us out of wars), but remain open to the possibility that he committed an impeachable offense.

      2. The concept of “TDS” is truly a marvelous example of the extent to which a brain will go to protect its ego and world view to avoid the discomfort of experiencing congitive dissonance. Anyone that criticizes Trump can then simply be dismissed has suffering from TDS.

        1. The TDS is in your utter lack of reason as to why we should be on your side.

  5. And his political fortunes will be swept into the dust bin of history.

  6. He should be impeached for withdrawing from the Paris Agreement so now the world will end in 12 years per AOC.

  7. Amash would be a fool to jump ship to the Libertarian party. That’s a ticket to nowhere. I respect his decision and understand it. Even though, personally, I think Trump’s behavior falls short of grounds for impeachment.

    However, if you want to have influence you need to work with the tools you are given. And the current Libertarian party is ineffectual. The US would be far better off with a Republican gadfly in Congress than yet another former Libertarian candidate that managed to get 5% of the vote.

    1. I completely agree, but I would offer the perspective of Amash may not be to stay in political power. Amash’s family is wealthy, so he’s not in the House for the money. His libertarian streak isn’t really consistent with power hunger, so again why languish in the House where his voice is diluted by the shear number of reps?

      Amash seems to be legitimate about advancing liberty, and his more recent quotes suggest that he doesn’t think he can do so in the Republican Party. Rand Paul seems to have always believed that he can push his agenda from within the party. I think Amash is coming to the conclusion that he can’t which is why he appears to be seriously considering jumping to the LP.

      1. “I think Amash is coming to the conclusion that he can’t which is why he appears to be seriously considering jumping to the LP.”

        This is especially true because he is being primaried. If he was guaranteed to keep his seat in Congress, he would probably be much less likely to do this.

        The problem that Amash has is, as you and others noted, he is one rep among hundreds. Nothing he ever says or does will get him on the front pages, unless he is pulling a McCain and jabbing his thumb in the eye of conservatives. That is the only way the media will give him the time of day. But eventually, this was bound to result in the GOP ousting him in a primary. So he is going full scorched earth as he leaves, to try and drum up as much good will from the media as possible.

        The problem here is that using the media as your bull horn is a non starter. He wants his message of liberty spread far and wide, but instead it becomes “Hey look, Amash agrees with the Democrats”. That isn’t going to work.

        1. The problem Amash has is that he’s remarkably ineffectual at doing anything to implement his stated agenda in Congress. It’s great that he tells everyone about how he wants small, accountable government. What’s he done to achieve that, beyond saying “no”? What bad laws has he sponsored legislation to appeal and gotten enacted? What corrupt politicians has he actually held accountable? What has he done that an empty chair couldn’t do?

          And the answer to that is pretty much nothing. Most of his pro-liberty accomplishments only happened on legislation that Trump backed, and now he’s trashing Trump. Absent Trump, he’s been mostly a failure in his job. And bitching about the government doesn’t count in his favor, because anyone with an Internet connection can do that.

        2. Put simply, it’s not enough that Amash occupies space in D.C. and says things that libertarians like to hear. He’s actually got to get those things implemented, and he’s shown no ability to work with others to achieve it.

          Basically, his critics are probably right…he’s just a malcontent, not a representative. And the world already has plenty of malcontents who spout libertarian talking points while accomplishing nothing.

          1. “And the world already has plenty of malcontents who spout libertarian talking points while accomplishing nothing.”

            Thats the LP party platform.

      2. Reforming the GOP from within has always been a fool’s errand.

        1. I used to think it wasn’t, but you’re probably right. They’ve shifted so far in the last 20 years that they are against free trade and for bailing out private companies.

          Running as an LP candidate seems to be a fool’s errand as well. Say what you want about the gaffes of Gary Johnson, but if a former successful Governor (not some whackjob) can’t pull 5% in an election with two of the most divisive, hated candidates ever to run, I don’t think there’s much hope for that route either.

    2. Defending oneself against biased state investigations should never seem like grounds for impeachment from a libertarian. Amash basically agrees with political prosecutions. Thata about as far from a libertarian as one can get. Sure chipper and Jeff agree, but they arent true libertarians.

      1. You can oppose both the investigation and the president’s response to it. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

        1. Amash will have more impact on Congress and the Executive if he simply set himself on fire in the Capital building, than either jumping ship or staying onboard the USSGOP.

      2. Quit whining.

        1. Too much winning for you?

      3. Even when the person is the most powerful State agent in the world? GTFO. Libertarians should support anything that weakens a sitting President.

        1. This could be one of the dumbest things you’ve ever said. Is your view that cingress is more ethical? Impeachment doesnt weakness the executive, not granting them legislative powers in a bureaucratic state does. The house isnt doing that dumb fuck.

          1. Eunuch gonna eunuch

        2. Not if it actually strengthens those who would make the presidency worse than it is. I can do math.

    3. He would be effectively resigning his house seat. Which, frankly, I think he just did anyway. He snuck into the seat and would get reelected because of the -R in perpetuity. Unless and until you flipped the bird to your constituents. Pretty stupid move. But I’m sure that he has all these beltway geniuses, including some clowns from Reason, telling him he needs to do this.

      It is really quite bizarre to see this focus on impeachment. Even if there were valid basis, Trump is up for election in 1.5 years and the Congress is in total gridlock. Liberal district court judges reflexively enjoin all Trump’s executive action. Nothing is happening. Why not just beat him in an election if he’s so bad?

      1. “would get reelected because of the -R in perpetuity”

        In Michigan? It turns bluer by the minute…

        1. It depends. Portions of the State have always been solidly-Democratic. Others remain solidly-Republican. Certain counties adjacent to Detroit are trending toward Purple, at least partially or temporarily. Amash’s district is pretty solidly Republican.

          The current State Executive elected offices are all held by Democrats. But their predecessors were all Republican. It’s mostly a reflection of the current tribal passions, particularly as inflamed by the media.

  8. At some point we have to start questioning the motives of spoiler candidates/party betrayers/third parties because most elections are close enough that their existence has altered outcomes before. Suppose Amash somehow became a spoiler vote or advocate that lead to Trump losing in 2020. No matter who Trump loses to in this scenario, what does that tell you about Amash’s values that he would act in a manner that gets any of the Democrat nominees elected? The most forgiving explanation is that he thinks it’s alright to punish the American people by having them lie in the socialist bed of their own making and that somehow, that will lead to freedom and libertopia. Someone should direct Amash to the list of socialist countries that have become freedom loving and prosperous. Fun fact; there is no such thing. They’re all still shitholes.

    1. Meh. Republican tears are tasty too.

    2. Amash running against Trump in a Primary would be a slaughter for Amash, just like Weld will get his ass beat.

      Amash running in the LP is a joke because he is NOT a Libertarian. Amash is a Republican. Furthermore, Trump has pulled off some excellent Libertarian-ish things while the every Lefty is out to get him.

      I just don’t think Amash has YUGE brass balls like Trump does. Amash never once sought impeachment of Obama for murdering Americans via drone.

    3. Is that you, Webb?!

  9. Which is why he might take the third-party plunge.

    So long, bub. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

    1. So long? Don’t you mean, Welcome?

      1. Youd welcome someone into the party that apparently cheers on political prosecutions?

        1. lol. Grasping at straws are we?

          Psst. His Orange Holiness suggested impeachment of Obama on more than one occasion.

          1. I’m not sure you understand what the term grasping at straws means.

          2. Was trump an acting member of congress.by the way? Your comparison seems quite idiotic. And what I was referring to was the special prosecution based on bad Russian intelligence and opposition research. What I refer to is the congressional subpoenas sent to search for a crime where none is predicated on complete contradiction to the 4th amendment. What I refer to is novel interpretations of obstruction to make it obstruction if someone declares their innocence. What integer to is the use of laws and investigations to investigate people and not crimes.

            My guess is you should read a few history books or go look into the practices of authoritarian regimes like Cuba, USSR, China, and others who adjust the law to go after poor instead of crimes. You seem to support that. Does that help you? Or you going to revel in your ignorance?

      2. Republican or not, he was more or less already small government enough to be libertarian. You could say people here should be welcoming him to the Libertarian Party (if that’s his game) but more likely we’re saying good-bye to a libertarianish voice in the House.

        1. If the voters in MI can truly vote a party line, I doubt anything will change. It explains how that state gives us such characters on both sides of the isle.

        2. The central event in the Freedom Causus, far as I’m concerned, was their opposition to this bill:


          Among other fantastic things, that bill would have cut $772 billion from Medicaid. They opposed it on the principle that it should have done more, and, largely because of their opposition, we ended up with no cuts to Medicaid whatsoever.

          Donald Trump wanted to sign that bill. Donald Trump lobbied for that bill.

          Who is more libertarian on this issue, then, someone who refuses to cut a socialist entitlement program that’s never been cut before or someone who refuses to cut spending on a socialist entitlement program because of some greater absurd principle involving what the bill doesn’t do?

          Justin Amash is displaying the same kind of “principled” ineptitude here, with impeachment, and the scariest explanation is the theory that’s he’s being 100% honest about his position.

          When I support sending libertarians to Congress, my highest hope is that they will slash spending on socialist entitlement programs. If they’re the reason socialist entitlement programs are NOT cut, then they might as well be establishment Republicans. In fact, the establishment Republicans all voted for that bill.

          If the Freedom caucus is too libertarian to cut spending on socialist entitlement programs, then they’re not libertarian enough for me–and this is a consistent problem with these guys. It’s the same kind of unforced error Amash fell into with impeachment.

          1. I butchered that:

            “Who is more libertarian on this issue, then, someone who [wants] to cut a socialist entitlement program that’s never been cut before or someone who refuses to cut spending on a socialist entitlement program because of . . . what the bill doesn’t do?”

            —-Ken Shultz


            1. this analysis agrees w/me. the unforced error is he-Justin and they-Caucus pretend to be what they are not.

      3. You’re operating under the mistaken premise that the comments section here is dominated by libertarians. Sadly, we aren’t even the majority on our home turf now.

        1. Maybe we’re more libertarian than you think, but just don’t agree with you on all, or many, things.

          1. Maybe you missed the comment I was replying to, because your reply doesn’t make any sense in that context.

        2. I think many Republicans here mistake a shared hatred for the left as implicit support for the right. As someone who despises both sides more or less equally, it’s nauseating and disappointing.

  10. “There aren’t more like him in Congress. Which is why he might take the third-party plunge.”

    I have two working theories:

    1) He already planned to leave the party or politics before he committed political suicide this week.

    2) He’s a total spaz.

    1. I would guess scenario number one. How any sane person could stand to be in national politics for more than a couple years is beyond me. Of course, assuming sanity in any politician is probably a mistake to begin with.

    2. He saw how successful Jeff flake was and asked his family to hold his beer.

      1. There’s also the case of Paul Ryan.

        He may be thinking, “Fuck it. I’m still young enough to do something productive with my life!”

        1. >>>the case of Paul Ryan

          there’s your spaz. good lord.

  11. Does Amash return unused Congressional funds back to the Treasury?

    Ron Paul did and Rand Paul does.
    Rand Paul returns $1.8 million in unused Senate office money

    1. With that being said, Amash does have a very good record of trying to limit government.

      That would make him a good candidate for the GOP nomination in 2024 since Trump is not allowed to run for a 3rd term as President.

      1. His record is more show votes than anything. He doesn’t actually want to do the hard work of explaining his preferred laws.

  12. Funny who dems cheer on GOP politicians who speak out against Trump, but I can’t think of a single member of their party who has done the same when one of their own has been POTUS.

    If he does run for the LP and helps the dems win Michigan (and the presidency) will he be able to get some concessions from them not to govern as progtarded assholes (highly doubtful IMO)

    1. Normally I would say he is moving for a VP spot but Pence has been a decent VP.

      Pence does not give the Lefties any ammo based on misbehavior. The media refuses to cover Pence to find out what he stands for and if he would carry on Trump’s government limiting strategy.

  13. jeebus suck a dick for a week why don’tcha?

    if Justin bails on (R) he’s toast as a politician and if he gives Michigan to (D) and (D) wins you get Biden and Justin gets nothing.
    carry on, clingers?

  14. Amash is a real “loser.” So says the Loser in Chief who would not have been in this endless investigation cycle if he had restrained his mouth during his first two years as POTUS and not suffered a “blue wave” in the House elections. It wasn’t his policies, or the economy, or “history” that cost the GOP control – it was the big “loser” in the White House.

    1. In 1994 there was a ‘red wave’ in the midterms and the GOP, for the first time in 40 years, took control of the Congress.

      In 2002 there was a ‘red wave’ in the midterms when the people gave Congress back to the GOP and the GOP WON seats instead of losing them in the midterm as was the norm.

      In 2018, there was no wave of any kind. The GOP gained seats in the Senate and lost seats in the House. The predicted ‘blue wave’ failed to materialize. The prophesized ‘red wave’ that started to be spoken about as continued MSM news fakery was exposed also failed to materialize.

    2. The investigations and warrants started before he was president dimwit.

      1. Yes, and he won anyway. I’m talking about all the b.s. that has followed since the Dems retook the House.

  15. I remember when we used to look for legislators who on a given issue or vote broke away from partisanship in a libertarian direction. Now it just seems “we” are looking for those who break away from partisanship in any, even a stupid, direction — or if you’re a Reason blogger, the anti-Trump direction that seems to have been dictated from on high.

    Then again, maybe there is no longer a libertarian direction to break away from partisanship. The way things have broken in recent decades, the best thing for libertarians to be, most places in the USA, is to be strictly Republican, and if you’re a maverick on some issue, it’s one where the Democrats are no better and you’re opposing a bipartisan consensus.

    1. I have toyed with the idea of running for local office as a D (no way to get elected otherwise). Then let my libertarianism loose as I vote against each and every piece of progtarded legislation.

  16. Welch doesn’t appear to know what a Unicorn is. Justin Amash, being little different from Ted Cruz, Jeff Flake, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Mike Lee, Thomas Massie, Bill Weld, Gary Johnson, etc., etc., etc. is *not* a unicorn.

    Unicorns are a myth, sometimes the phrase is used to describe something rare to the point that it seems mythical but certainly not something that isn’t rare and libertarian-leaning republicans willing to hop parties aren’t rare.

    Now, a libertarian-leaning politician with a ‘D’ after their name *that’s* a unicorn.

    1. Cruz has lost his way. Whatever promise he showed back in 2013 has faded. I still have a vaguely nostalgic liking for the guy, but he’s nowhere near the rest of that list. Except for Jeff Flake. He’s definitely not a libertarian.

      1. Cruz has lost his way.

        Whaddya mean? He’s said way more mean things to Trump and about Trump.

    2. Jared Polis is probably the closest thing to a libercornian on the (D) side.

      1. Hardcore statist is the D version of libertarianism?

        That’s so wild!

        Of course, ‘hardcore statist’ is the D version of pretty much everything.

  17. I’m gonna post this without having read any comments and predict that 90% of the comments are roughly equivalent to “Yum yum Trump cock and balls, put them in my mouth. Mmmmmm.”

    How far off was I?

    1. Honey, baby, that’s merely your incel fantasies.

    2. I didn’t read Tony’s comment. Let me guess. 99% ignorant and lacking of even basic argumentative structure, and 1% gay.

      1. Oh yeah, Tony is always saying

        Mmmm…Hillarys cock tastes so good in his mouth.

        If he cant get that cock, then its Schumers vagina or Pelosi’s cock.

        Moral is that Tony like man-pussy.

  18. We’re to tribal right now for a Libertarian outlook to work. The left and the right are getting ready for a good ol fashion gun fight. So Amash would be wise to pick a side or get outta sight. Cause if he isn’t on the side shooting, he’ll certainly be on the side getting shot at.

    1. Once both sides have killed each other, we will have a libertarian moment, finally…

  19. The Reason slobberfest over this outlier is embarrassing. If he hadn’t made his incredibly weak headline grabbing anti Trump shtick he would still be a nobody. He is nothing more than the latest bright shiny object for Trump haters.

    1. This whole Amash affair, and Reason’s unflinching support of him, is a perfect example of why libertarians have virtually no political clout. As “principled” as Amash has been with his voting record, he has accomplished exactly zero legislatively and has garnered no media attention — until now. And, pray tell, how did he finally achieve that media attention? By siding with the permanent war party and establishment bureaucracy in Washington.

      So we now have the specter of the “most libertarian” member of Congress ratifying what was clearly an attempt by entrenched bureaucracy to deprive the duly elected President his powers because his foreign policy diverged from accepted orthodoxy.

      Great job, Justin! You’re really doing the movement great!

  20. Now the Grand Rapids libertarian is getting the “strange new respect” treatment from the likes of Mark Hamill

    Another Republican out for notoriety by playing to people with TDS.

    A libertarian he is not.

  21. “Who is this guy, Democrats want to know this week. Are there more like him in the Republican Party? Could he help us win back Michigan?”

    Amash is just another “Open Borders Uber Alles” faux libertarian. Doesn’t matter if he destroys the country, because “muh moral preening”.

    He’ll be making common cause with the Neocons and the “Democratic” Socialists soon enough.

    It’s a realignment.
    Government of the people, by the people, and for the people to the Right.
    Government of the government, by the government, and for the government to the Left.

    Despite the many things he agrees with libertarians and Trump on, Open Borders Uber Alles means opposition to Americans controlling their own government. America is a private bus stop of the government class where Americans have no say who comes and goes, and when Not Americans come and vote for ever more power to the government class, Americans will not have *enough* of a say to stop them.

    1. +100

    2. Real libertarians are for open borders. How could a libertarian be against the liberty to travel and live and work and rent and hire and buy and sell where you want?

  22. I surprised the republicans haven’t tarred and feathered Amash yet.

    1. He’s not worth it. Amash is simply an incessant mental masturbator with no hope of winning either another Republican primary or the presidency via the LP.

      But the Dem’s are swooning. They’re masturbators too.

  23. Dustin Hoffman looks pretty sanzzy in a pussy-hat. But why the fuck would he give a damn about Obama-Care?

  24. Sooooooooooooooo…………….I forget did he make this much splash when Obama was weaponizing the IRS, DOJ, EPA, FBI, etc?

    1. yes, but the media remained silent

  25. And given the likely alternatives if Trump is brought down, or wounded enough to lose, what’s Amash’s point?

  26. […] largely because he revels in being an oddball in the modern Republican party.  The man also explains every vote he makes.  Every, single, vote.  While some members of Congress chose to avoid defending […]

  27. Should run for the Senate, not Prez. Way more power and he might actually win.

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