I'll Be on Reddit Tomorrow (Wednesday) for an "Ask Me Anything"

Please feel free to come by!

|The Volokh Conspiracy |

Here's the announcement:

On June 13 r/legaladvice will be very pleased to host an "AMA" by UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh. Professor Volokh teaches free speech law, tort law, religious freedom law, church-state relations law, and a First Amendment amicus brief clinic at UCLA School of Law, Before coming to UCLA, he clerked for Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the U.S. Supreme Court and for Judge Alex Kozinski on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Professor Volokh is also the founder of the noted law blog the Volokh Conspiracy which until recently was hosted by the Washington Post, but has since moved to Reason Magazine. He is an author of several textbooks and over 150 op-eds and law review articles, some of which can be viewed here. In addition he is one of the most cited legal scholars anywhere in the country. His areas of scholarship are wide, however he is noted for his work on internet and technology law and the second amendment….

Questions will go live at 11 am Eastern/8 am Pacific and he will start answering questions at 2 pm Eastern / 11 Pacific, though you can ask some below and we'll port them over.

By sheerest coincidence, this will also be the anniversary of our family's departure from the Soviet Union, 43 years ago.