Libertarian Party Wins More Than a Dozen Elections Across the Nation

In four different states


The Libertarian Party participated in elections in 12 states yesterday: Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, and Washington. The party's candidates won races (not always partisan ones) in the following states:

• In Florida, party members were elected to the Altamonte Springs City Commission, the Coconut Grove Village Council, and the Cape Canaveral City Council.

• In Pennsylvania, party members were elected Rome Township auditor, Spring Township auditor, auditor of Upper Providence, Victory Township supervisor, Houston Borough judge of elections, Exeter Township school director, Lower Nazareth auditor and judge of elections, constable in Sunbury, and member of the Houston Borough Council.

• In Washington, party members were elected to the Long Beach City Council and the Covington City Council.

• In North Carolina, a party member was elected to the Carthage Town Board of Commissioners.

While nowhere near the spread between winning Democrat Ralph Northam and losing Republican Ed Gillespie, at least 29,000 Virginians voted for Libertarian Cliff Hyra for governor. Michelle Darnell won an impressive 32 percent in a Washington State Senate race in the Redmond area, though with only one major-party opponent, the winning Democrat.

Details on the L.P.'s results yesterday can be found on the party's website; some of the above were noted in this tweet from the National L.P.

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31 responses to “Libertarian Party Wins More Than a Dozen Elections Across the Nation

  1. I’m pleased to see some actual council positions. It’s always a bit disappointing when it’s County Auditor and the school board. Still, good news.

    1. I met the guy from Carthage at the LPNC convention, and I definitely felt he was the strongest candidate we had from around the state. Maybe by 2018 there will be enough victories that they won’t feel the need to tout all the also-rans. Wishful thinking.

  2. Was anyone elected Dog Catcher?

    Someone has to ask it.

      1. So Libertarians still are not fit to run for dog catcher?

        1. “One Setter, One Bullet”

          1. The position of Rooster Catcher in SIV’s town has been filled by the same guy for 30 years now. He is 82 and won’t die, despite SIV’s elaborate plots which always somehow come back to bite SIV at the worst times. Like the time he smeared butter all over the guy’s front steps, but then Elvis got out of his pen and SIV ran to the Rooster Catcher’s house to call on his services.

        2. We believe the dogs should be allowed to live free as long as they don’t bite anyone.

    1. I’ve never seen “dog catcher” on the ballot anywhere, but many “township auditor” positions in Penna. can be won just by petitioning as the old parties don’t give a darn because the financial records are actually audited by outside accounting firms.

      1. I was just being a smart ass. There is an old saying “(insert name of politician here) isn’t fit to run for dog catcher.

      2. If dog catcher isn’t an elected position then Libertarians might actually have a chance.

        Just keep that off your resume

      3. The LP should make a point of running their most articulate candidates for Secretary of State positions at the state level. It’s not supposed to be a partisan office (usually overseeing elections), so being a third party would be an advantage, theoretically. And none of the voters could rationally fear that you would downsize the big government they love, just make it run more efficiently and fairly. And it’s the worst state office to be held by statists who want to keep competition off the ballot and deny people a choice.

        1. Libertarians should be running for DA and State Attorney General positions. Go where you can do the most immediate good by taking the positions of those who are doing the most immediate harm.

  3. Take the good news where you can get it. Congratulations to these people for being willing to fight the good fight rather than simply making snide remarks from the peanut gallery as most of us do.

    1. True. Some of the snide and snarky remarks about the libertarians in Russia being jailed were sickening. Many libertarians are bravely standing up for their positions on-line but wouldn’t courageously go out in public with them.

      1. At least in the US we are allowed to run for office openly. Except in Ohio and California.

    2. Snide remarks are important for morale.

      1. They certainly put me in a good mood.

  4. Still waiting for the first openly Libertarian Party candidate elected to Congress?

    1. I am still waiting for one for President.


    Little known fact; Chainsaw Bayonet was my secret Fraternity name in college.

  6. Oddly enough the country remains solidly locked into a party duopoly, almost as if that’s the natural result of a winner-take-all single-ballot election system.

    Is it stupider when people don’t understand this? Or is it stupider when they understand it perfectly well, but fail to understand that elections are not about virtue signalling?

    1. I didn’t see you making this comment on the Seattle Voucher thread.

      1. I don’t know what that means, but obviously I’m far more concerned with the Bernies and Naderites than I am libertarians, who will only split the Republican party. Or would if they could manage numbers of any significance.

        1. That’s right. Soon, it will be Republicans vs Libertarians with Democrats fighting for less than 10% voter scraps.

          1. Sleep through yesterday?

    2. And yet you virtue signal all the time Tony.

  7. Roselle Park, NJ elected both halves of an interracial gay couple to their town council. They’re Republicans.
    Why do I feel like they would be gay icons with features in HuffPo and BuzzFeed if they were Democrats?

  8. You feel that way because you are correct.

  9. In the 70’s I ran for school board because the principal of the local public school told me that they leave the lights on at night, so their expenses report won’t go lower, and mean less state funding! I had just started a TV shop there, and did some wiring for the school building. In the campaign, I was proposing a voucher system to increase competition, and other libertarian ideas. Anyway, I lost the election, but guess what?

    Due to the press coverage, my TV shop business doubled!

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