Weekly Daily Brickbats Archive 2012 July 1-31

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Chill Out

School workers at New Horizons Middle School in Brooklyn found 10 unopened boxes of air conditioners that no one knew about in a school storage room. That would seem to be good news, since the school's classrooms don't have air conditioning. But city Education Department officials say the school isn't wired for air conditioning.

OK, You Can Start Now

Parents of students at England's Gartocham Primary School were excited to learn that Alan Bell, the chief starter of the London Olympics, would be firing his starter's pistol for races at the school's annual sports day. Local health and safety officials were not excited. They banned Bell from firing the pistol, saying it could frighten the children.

Trail of Tears

Davenport, Iowa, residents Mack and Merla Covey said they were surprised to see strangers in their yard removing a teepee and other items. It turns out the strangers were city workers removing "debris" a neighbor had complained about. The Coveys say the teepee was actually a religious item, a place where they held spiritual ceremonies. Alderman Bill Boom said the city sent a notice to the Coveys to remove the items but it was sent to the wrong address.

Mission Accomplished

Iraqi officials say they are placing restrictions on 39 media outlets because they have not been properly licensed. The restrictions will affect several foreign broadcasters, including the Voice of America and the BBC.

A Politician's Best Friend

Bedford County, Virginia, resident Tim Morris said he thought it was a joke when he got voter registration forms addressed to Mozart, his pet dog. In addition to being a dog, Mozart has been dead for two years. The forms were sent by the Voter Participation Center, a nonprofit group that tries to register young people, unmarried women, and minorities.