Weekly Daily Brickbats Archive 2012 January 1-31

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A Thoughtless Experiment

Officials in Gilbert, Arizona, have paid $37,500 to settle a lawsuit brought by the family of Kelly Shea. Shea was a student at Gilbert High School in 2008, where a police officer pulled her out of class and accused her of stealing an iPod. The officer then searched her backpack without permission. When Shea began to cry, the officer finally told her it was all just a part of an experiment designed by one of the teachers to see if boys and girls react differently to false accusations.

Banned in Iran

Iranian officials have shut down the website of former president Akbar Hasemi Rafsanjani. Rafsanjani has been criticized by conservatives in the government after urging that people arrested during anti-government protests in 2009 be freed from prison.

Right Name, Wrong Face

More than 1,480 people have been wrongly incarcerated in the Los Angeles County jail over the past five years. Some have been the victims of identity theft. Others have just had the misfortune to have the same name as someone who was wanted by police. The Los Angeles Times reports some of these people were jailed for days and even weeks before officials could be convinced they had the wrong person. And at least one person was arrested twice on a warrant for someone else.

You Can't Say That Here

An Indian court has ordered several Internet companies, including Facebook, Google, and Yahoo, to remove "anti-religious" and "anti-social content."

See Something, Say Something

Folk singer Vance Gilbert says he was pulled off a flight from Boston to Washington by Transportation Security Administration agents and officers from the Massachusetts State Police and questioned about his reading habits. They apparently found it suspicious that he was reading a book about vintage aircraft while flying.