Weekly Daily Brickbats Archive 2009 November 22-31

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The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree

In Connah's Quay, Wales, John Mason was cleaning up his yard and placed grass clippings and dozens of apples that had fallen from his trees into his garden waste bin to be picked up. When he went to get the bin, he found that not only had sanitation workers not emptied it, they'd slapped a "contaminated" sticker on it. Council officials told Mason that the apples were kitchen waste, not garden waste, and they weren't going to collect them.

A Hairy Situation

Dustin Reader, an eighth-grader at Ohio's Garfield Middle School had his barber shave stripes into the hair on the side of his head and a large "B" on the back of his head. The haircut was designed to honor the Cincinnati Bengals football team. But as soon as school officials saw it they gave him in-school suspension saying the haircut violated school rules against "extreme/distracting makeup, haircuts and hairstyles."

Easy Rider

A local TV station has spent several months videotaping Washington, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty riding with his bicycle team. The station reports that on every ride they saw, and there were numerous ones, Fenty and company blew through red lights and stop signs and rode in areas where bicycles aren't allowed. Of course, Fenty always had a police escort to block oncoming traffic. In fact, the station says the police spent hundreds of man hours escorting the mayor and his team. The station also found that Fenty has used federal Department of Homeland Security Vehicles to transport him and his team to at least 14 races in the past two years.

Working Up an Appetite

Marion, Iowa, police have charged Kristine Pflughaupt with public intoxication. They say she was found sitting on the kitchen floor of Marie O'Kelly's house eating leftover noodles. Pflughaupt, a U.S. Postal Service mail carrier, was in uniform and on the job at the time.

Close Shave

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation has fined Roosters salon for allowing cosmetologists to shave their customers. Texas law allows only barbers to shave. Roosters owner Joe Grondin notes that the shaves were performed not with a straight razor but with a disposable safety razor. "Any 10-year-old can walk into a drugstore and buy them. Why would they be illegal?" said Grondin. He refused to pay the fine and is suing the state.