Weekly Daily Brickbats Archive 2009 September 8-31

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A Shocking Development

Two Gwinnett County police sergeants have resigned and Cpl. Gary Miles has been arrested after Miles allegedly used a Taser on a Waffle House waiter as a joke. The sergeants reportedly saw the incident and did not report it. The department is investigating claims a fourth officer pointed a Taser at a waiter's groin in a separate incident.

The Blue Knight

In Tarpon Springs, Florida, police officer Jeffrey Robinson resigned after admitting he slashed the tires of a bicycle owned by a homeless man, which was being held in a department storage area. Robinson said he was angry because the man used racial slurs against him when he was taking him to jail on trespassing charges 10 days earlier.

Guilty Until...Well, Guilty

Massachusetts drivers challenged more than 250,000 traffic tickets last year. That was apparently too many for the state legislature, which imposed a $25 fee earlier this year on those who take their case to court. That fee won't be waived if a driver wins his case.


The Georgia Department of Natural Resources seized 500 turtles from Steve Santhuff, alleging his possession of them was illegal. A jury ruled in Santhuff's favor and the DNR had to return the turtles to Santhuff. Well, the agency returned some of them. More than 300 of the turtles died while in the agency's possession.

Oh, Baby

Last year, the births of some 4,000 British babies occurred outside maternity wards or in parts of those wards that aren't supposed to handle births, according to National Health Service statistics. NHS officials blame a shortage of maternity beds for at least part of those numbers.

*This article originally misstated the percentage of British births involved.