Weekly Daily Brickbats Archive 2009 March 29-31

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They Say They're Gonna Stop It, But It Doesn't Go Away

Washington state officials wanted to do their part to clean up the environment, but they've instead turned many Spokane residents into smugglers. They banned the sale of dishwashing detergents containing more than 0.5 percent phosphates in the city. The ban goes statewide next year. But many people complain that the eco-friendly detergents still allowed by law just don't clean their dishes. So residents are driving across the state line to Idaho to get some of the good stuff.

Decisions, Decisions

Barry Baker called 999, the British version of 911, to report he was having chest pains. When the ambulance arrived, the two ambulance men didn't realize the operator was still on the line and recording the call. They were overheard talking about the state of Baker's home and they allegedly said he wasn't worth saving. They are then heard deciding to tell their superiors that Baker was dead when they got there.