Weekly Daily Brickbats Archive 2009 February 1-31

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A Day Late?

Kyle Dufresne was sentenced to 45 days in a Saskatchewan, Canada, jail. He was held longer than that, six months longer. Now, authorities are now trying to figure out why.

Feeling Blue

Sheila New decided her cottage would look nicer if it were painted a pale blue. But the Crewkeme Parish (England) Council says the new color doesn't match those of other homes in the historic district. They are demanding the 70-year-old New repaint the cottage a bright yellow or face a £1,000 fine.

Easy Money

Florida's Tri-Rail commuter train services faces a budget deficit as the governments of the three counties it serves cut their funding. How to make up the deficit? Soak the people who don't use it more money. Tri-Rail officials have asked the state for a $2 tax on rental cars to fund the trains.

Sick People

When Fazle Rabbi, heard that his 84-year-old father was sick, maybe dying, he, his wife, and their two young sons got on the first plane they could from Australia to Los Angeles. But when they arrived, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized them, held them for 24 hours while interrogating them and searching their belongings. Finally, they put them back on a plane to Sydney, without allowing him to see his father. The Rabbis said officers accused them of wanting to stay in the United States illegally.

One Man Is As Good as Another

Walter Andre Sharpe Jr. has been jailed four times since 2001, lost his job and had more than $12,000 taken from him to support a child that isn't his. It began when Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, domestic relations officials tagged him as the father of a child, even though he had a different date of birth, address, and Social Security number from the Andre Sharpe listed as the child's father on its birth certificate. The county fought Sharpe's efforts to DNA testing. And it took him six years to have a judge declare he wasn't the father, but that same judge also ruled he wasn't entitled to get his money back, much less any compensation for his time and suffering.