Weekly Daily Brickbats Archive 2008 February 8-31

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Parks, Not People

In Australia, Grant Cohen and couple of other parents began taking their children to Caulfield's Princes Park a couple of evenings each week. The youngsters would run around the park and play games. But after a few weeks, they were warned by park officials that organized groups were not allowed in the park. Officials say that even a single family could count as an organized group under park rules. "If even a few kids are banned, what's the point of having a park? They might as well put up apartment blocks and cut our rates," said Cohen.

You Can Read It. But You Can't Sell It

Malaysian authorities seized 32 Bibles from a woman coming into the country at the Kuala Lumpur airport. Officials say they sent the Bibles to the Security Ministry for vetting, but only to determine if they were brought into the country for commercial purposes.

Swept Away

For 62 years, Betty Davies has swept the sidewalk outside her house. But the 88-year-old was recently told to stop doing it by a Splott, Cardiff, Wales, council worker. She says the man told her she could be taken to court and fined for breaking littering laws because she swept leaves into the street.

Don't Rally Round the Flag

Gary Hudgins placed American flags on every vehicle at his car dealership, saying he did it to show his patriotism. Donald Smith put flags on all the light poles at his Nissan dealership. Now, both men have been cited by Glynn County, Georgia, code enforcement officers for violating a ban on flags, banners and portable signs.

Is Anyone Shocked?

Surveillance video shows Shreveport police officer Ryan Robinson looking around to make sure officers aren't watching before walking up behind Carnado Brown, who was talking on a cell phone outside a night club. Robinson then tased Brown. Robinson was suspended for 45 days, but no criminal charges were filed against him. And police chief Henry Whitehorn says he has no plans to do a criminal investigation of the case, which happened before he took office.