New at Reason: The Rick Santorum Candidate Profile

Not sure who to commit to in the Republican primary race? Let Reason help you out.

Picking a presidential candidate is like sorting through online dating profiles—nobody's quite right, but once a meet-cute is out of the question, the best you can hope for is to pick a mate out of a self-selected digital lineup. Today we’re focusing on Rick Santorum. We’ve got his horoscope, his nick-name, and his positions on the major issues facing the country.

Click here to find out if Rick Santorum is the candidate for you!

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Thanks for the link, but I think we're all more than capable of performing a Google search to find this candidate's profile.

  • ||

    Oh man, you don't want to Google Santorum. It is not work safe. EWWWWWWW.

  • Kristen||

    (you ruined it Troy! FoE was trying to get the less internet literate among us to actually Google Santorum)

  • Apatheist||

    Humor detector fail

  • Tim||

    Um, aren't these all about six months too late?

  • Apatheist||

    Wait, the vote was six months ago? No wonder I keep hearing that Romney has already won.

  • ?||

    Aliases: The Scold, Ol' Man-on-Dog, Frothy Mixture

    Why doesn't anyone take libertarians seriously?

  • Joe M||

    Your mistake was in assuming these were serious profiles in the first place.

  • ?||

    No mistake. Comedy is serious business.

  • ?||

    Likewise politics, which is why few people take Reason seriously these days.

  • Kreel Sarloo||

    Maybe you're taking politics too seriously.

  • o4||

    comedy like RW radio entertainment is serious foaming n fundrai$ing

  • o4||

    ooops! i just foamed my [NUTZ]!

  • Apatheist||

    Why would anyone take Santorum seriously?

  • ||

    Why would anyone expect libertarians to discuss a nonserious candidate like Rick Santorum in a serious manner?

  • ||

    Should Santorum's Danzig-based theme song be "Brand New God" or "I Don't Mind the Pain"?

  • T||

    Left Hand Black.

  • juris imprudent||

    Maybe we need to expand the musical field - I'm thinking The Pogues "If I Should Fall From Grace with God".

  • ||

    The sad thing is, as hideous as most of these guys are, any one of them would be a better president than BO.

  • Wayne||

    I don't know about that. Santorum, Newt, Bachman, that is a pretty scary trio.

    We are so screwed.

  • Barely Suppressed Rage||

    Santorum makes me want to hurl.

  • T||

    Don't lick it up, then.

  • Pantless Deviant||

    Santorum's got no chance to win the GOP nomination, so anybody who really gives a shit about all this profile stuff is pissing in the wind (to mix my bodily function metaphors).

  • ||

    Santorum is this year's Huckabee. Book it.

    Cain's flaming out; Perry, Gingrich, and Bachmann are near dead; sociocons don't like Romney; and Ron Paul is Ron Paul.

  • mr simple||

    Huckabee didn't do well past Iowa, iirc. Who's this year's McCain?

  • ||

    Romney is McCain, Cain is Romney, Paul is Paul, Perry is Thompson, Bachmann is Brownback, and Huntsman is Hunter.

  • ||

    And Pawlenty is Giuliani

  • MWG||

    He may not be able to win the nomination, but in terms of who has the most punchable face between the candidates, Santorum wins by a huge margin.

  • ||

    So does this mean that Hit & Run will be reposting the Yummy Tears thread?

    I, for one, would like to know what the Santorum kids are up to these days.

  • anonymous commenter some guy||

    I would vote for santorum before I voted for Santorum.

  • Amanda ||

    maybe I will vote for him

  • Amanda ||

    I think he will be able to win the nomination.


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