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Jacob Sullum looks into the dark future of censorship regulations after the FCC report.

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  • Russ 2000||

    others worry that it causes anxiety by making the world seem dangerous.

    Like kids don't already get that feeling at school.

  • E. Money||

    these cocksuckers are at it again

  • RSDavis||

    You know, I think the 1st Amendment is pretty unambiguous when it says: Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech

    - Rick

  • ||

    The part I love is the a la carte cable channels. Next thing you know, Congress will be trying to prevent restaurants from offering sides with meals.

    Oh wait, they already are, if there are trans-fats in them.

  • Ray||

    Television is not for kids. There is nothing to be learned from a passive medium. Its only real use is for entertainment and babysitting. The FCC has no need to regulate it. Parents should not be letting children watch TV and if they do, they should be watching it with them. Parenting is not the job of the government.

  • LarryA||

    Logically, the government has to choose between a lot more censorship and a little more respect for parents.

    Jacob. "Logically" and "government" in the same sentence again?


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