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Cathy Young reports on the brawl between Estonia and Russia on an unusually mobile World War II statue.

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    They're both wrong.

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    Nochnoi Dozor ("Night Patrol") or Night Watch -

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    In the town of Khimki [...] the authorities decided to relocate the graves of six Russian pilots killed in World War II in order to clear space for a new office complex. After the exhumation, the remains were lost.

    Nothing was lost, no office complex built either. You should have checked your sources (Mr.Ryklin is not a reliable one). The remains of the pilots were relocated to a specially built "Valley of Heroes" memorial at Novoluzhenskoye cemetery, after obtaining their relatives' consent. A solemn military ceremony was conducted honoring the dead.

    Here is a highly reliable source(in Russian):

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    What sage said. Cathy makes good points about Putin's cynicism, but she ignores the big wink the Estonian government is giving to the many Nazi sympathisers among ethnic Estonians. It's no accident that many people in Israel felt insulted by this action.


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