Codgers Freaking Out Over Millennial Texts, Twerks, and Video Games

I wish outraged oldsters remembered how we once laughed at those who were frightened by Elvis Presley.

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"Moral panics are one of our favorite things," says Moynihan. "If there's nothing to be panicked about, what do you write about?" Being outraged is part of the media circus.

The danger is that the outrage undermines perspective. It creates a false impression of how risky the present is, and it fuels unnecessary, freedom-killing regulations.

Old people always talk about the good old days. But the good old days were not so good. When I was young, more kids were intolerant, racist, sexist and homophobic. They had little knowledge of life beyond their neighborhoods.

Today, thanks to the Web and other innovations, life is better, not worse.

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  • wareagle||

    codgers have screamed at kids to get off their lawn for as long as there have been lawns and codgers.

  • Will4Freedom||

    I'm a codger. Get off my lawn!

  • SkyMax||

    Good for you John! I used to watch O'Reilly regularly until I realized how completely out of touch he is.

    He doesn't drink and so he wonders at anyone who "alters their mind". What few times I channel surf to his show, I am appalled by his "save the children" stance regarding marijuana. Yeah, Save The Children by putting millions of parents in jail.

    O'Reilly is all about O'Reilly... not rational perspective as you point out so well.

  • Kyfho Myoba||

    O'Reilly is the quintessential establishmentarian.

  • Brian||

  • ||

    Has Francisco d'Anconia mentioned that he likes Stossel?

  • Sevo||

    Wasn't it O'Reilly claiming you don't go to jail for smoking dope?
    Yeah, he's 'out of touch', or perhaps has access to some chems we don't.

  • VicRattlehead||

    Complains about video games and virtual violence but he is statistically one of the first to call for human blood in the name of America in the great geezers own words "you can't explain that!"

  • Flowingwords213||

    Always refreshing to see a piece like this that speaks out against the whole "sky is falling" motif that permeates the 24 hours news networks. It's gonna be alright folks. Just keep living.

  • Bill Dalasio||

    But the good old days were not so good. When I was young, more kids were intolerant, racist, sexist and homophobic.

    I'll buy the racist, sexist and homophobic part. But, I have to call BS on the intolerant part. Kids today generally seem all-too-ready to throw the "racist, sexist and homophobic" tag at anyone who differs from the party line.

  • ||

    How do you get less tolerance AND less racism/sexism/homophobia?

    Kids used to be ignorant, now they're just apathetic or stupid;

    "I'm totally against labels because people shouldn't... ooh, Facebook let's me customize my sexuality message!"

    ...and stay off my lawn!

  • CentristClassicalLiberal||

    I'm a registered independent who doesn't believe unions or the minimum wage law shouldn't exist, who supports NAFTA and believes in free-market healthcare (doesn't mean I think people should be allowed to perform surgeries in their garage) and when I speak on the subjects of racism, sexism and homophobia people assume i'm a liberal.

  • Combat Missionary||

    That's odd, you sound like a libertarian to me. ;)
    I wonder how much of that has to do with vernacular and body language? 80% of communication is non-verbal.

  • CentristClassicalLiberal||

    I support ENDA and laws prohibiting animal cruelty, thus I have classical liberal and not libertarian in my username.

  • Aloysious||

    Why does anybody care what O'Reilly says or thinks? Maybe it's just me, but that man is completely ignorable.

  • iEagleHammer||

    Well, apparently people still watch his show. I don't get it either.

  • ||

    "Somehow, America survived Elvis."

    Our President brought us through it.

  • On The Road To Mandalay||

    I will take Frank Sinatra any day over Elvis. At least Sinatra sang in a clear beautiful baritone voice with words you could actually understand. Sinatra could also act as he proved in the movie "From Here To Eternity".

    I'm still scared of Elvis, only to name a few, in the decades of degenerate music Americans have been assaulted with since Sinatra. I guess you could say I belong to the post Sinatra generation.

  • Spawn of Nyarlathotep||

    I invoke Poe's Law.

  • OneOut||

    Elvis Presley was the greatest actor of all time.

    You must not have seen Blue Hawaii, or Girls! Girls! Girls! which was immortalized by both Motley Crue and Jay Z.

  • MJBinAL||

    O'Reilly is not just a codger, he is a populist crank.

    My wife, a wise woman, keeps telling me that I should start out saying 3 nice things. Ummm

    O'Reilly seems to be clean and well groomed.
    Bill is able to both read and write.
    He is, hmmm, well, oh well 2 out of 3?

  • CentristClassicalLiberal||

    He likes falafels.

  • Rufus J. Firefly||

    Your wife and mine should hang out.

    Mine always has a positive disposition. Thankfully it's rubbing off on my kid because I don't want her being a cranky misanthrope like her father whom she looks up to according to what she writes in school.

  • Firstname||

    This "Old Codger" says do all the Millennial Texts, Twerks, Video Games, Porn, Pot, Sex or anything else you want to indulge in that doesn't create a victim. The rest of my out-of-touch "Codger" friends (like O'Reilly) who want to force their "Christian" morality issues or make us live in the past with them should be forced to smoke a little pot and join the new reality. Life is good!

  • Wandering Texan||

    It seems like he is hitting the Drug-Warrior drum extra fucking hard since the recent rebellions in in CO and WA.

  • ||

    America going to pot ... If you use any intoxicating agent, your goal is to leave reality. You're not satisfied with your current state of mind, you want to get high, buzzed, blasted, whatever.

    That is patently false, I take meth to get my house cleaned and painted, a half-dozen books read, lunches made for my kids for the week, both cars tuned up and cleaned, and all six computers in the house reformatted and updated. If I could get all that done without the 'reality altering' aspect of meth, I would... but that's expensive and only available by prescription.

  • C. S. P. Schofield||

    Let's face it; if some of the "older generation" WASN'T up in arms about "kids these days", THEN it would be time to worry. What is actually disturbing is the number of clueless Baby Boomers (My own generation, I am ashamed to admit) who are STILL trying to act like teenagers.

  • Thomas O.||

    I remember when video games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Q*Bert were "destroying our youth" and the paranoid old folks were calling for banning or restricting them. A decade after that, the problem games were Mortal Kombat and Doom. Yet us Gen-Xers managed not to destroy modern society.

  • C. S. P. Schofield||

    Largely because the Baby Boomers (mea culpa) destroyed it first.

  • CentristClassicalLiberal||

    Doom drove me to kill an imp.

  • ||

    Am I was living vicariously or just nostalgic if I get a warm fuzzy about 'Call of Duty' instilling a Nazi bloodlust in my son the same way 'Wolfenstein 3D' instilled it in me?

  • CentristClassicalLiberal||

    I thought Wolfenstein drove people to kill giant rats.

  • Rufus J. Firefly||

    Fucking Q-bert.

    I got hooked on that game.

    Galaga, though, is still my game.

  • gimmeasammich||

    O'Reilly is just mad that he couldn't watch Andrea Mackis use "that falafel thing" on herself in the shower.

  • Eggs Benedict Cumberbund||

    Bill O'Reilly == Ted Baxter

  • BillEverman||

    "It's true that kids today play incredibly violent games like Halo and Grand Theft Auto, but as the games' popularity increased over the past 20 years, youth violence dropped 55 percent."

    Video games are leaving our couch potato youth too weak to engage in real life violence! Somebody do something!!!

  • Ron||

    "Over the past 20 or so years, sex has been in everyone's face, yet teen pregnancy dropped by 50 percent." this may be true but are abortions counted in the teen pregnancy rate.
    I'd like to know because if not then you have an increase and based on the numbers of abortions I'm questioning this rate.

  • Michael Price||

    "It's true that kids today play incredibly violent games like Halo and Grand Theft Auto, but as the games' popularity increased over the past 20 years, youth violence dropped 55 percent. In Japan, kids spend more time playing violent games, and there's even less violence. And in America, despite media hype, there are fewer school shootings now, not more."
    These days the kids don't kill anything they don't get XP for.

  • steve baker||

    Remember that all the civilizations and societies throughout history where "Crotchety old geezers always complain about "the kids." have crumbled.

  • Free Society||

    You damn kids with your skateboards and your walkmens.

  • Mr Drew||

    I remember a family story about my grandmother not letting my mom go to a Frank Sinatra concert. "Too racy". And yet, civilization has managed to endure.

  • lisa901||

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  • c5c5||

    I was over at a famous conservative website that features Stossel's articles. I was saddened at all the offense taken by conservatives about John's points. They are still too scared to even question their assumptions.

  • GamerFromJump||

    My comment was eaten.



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