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"[Scott] Walker had to make his compromises with reality. Recall that absent reform that the unions would not agree to, the entire edifice of teacher pensions would have collapsed. That's fine by me, they're commies top to bottom, deserving of slow starvation in their dotage, but Walker was more compassionate. He saved the idiots from their idiocy."

-reason.com commenter "Whiskey-vac 5000" in response to "Big Labor Stumbles in Wisconsin" (October)

"Taking a sample of someone's DNA without their consent, sending it for testing, and then publishing the information in the news media should be illegal. That could be used for all sorts of unsavory purposes, such as blackmailing someone with the news that a child was fathered by someone other than the mother's husband."

-reason.com commenter "HazelMeade" in response to "Does the Royal Baby Deserve Genetic Privacy?" (October)

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