"Don't Let My Daughter Die, Governor!": Chris Christie vs. Medical Marijuana

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  • anon||

    What I find particularly sad is that the father won't just go out and buy some pot anyways because he's a pussy.

    Any father not willing to lift a single finger in an effort to potentially save his daughter's life is an asshole.

    Of course, Chris Christie is an asshole too, but that goes without saying.

  • anon||

    I will qualify my statement by saying that if my daughter were Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton, I'd gladly be an asshole to let that bitch die while clutching her throat, struggling her last gasps of air.

  • tarran||

    I'm sure the dude is buying pot. I wouldn't let the fat fuck know that though.

  • RBS||

    He probably wouldn't have to go very far/ look very hard either. Not all dealers are like the monsters the MSM portrays them as.

  • anon||

    The real problem is finding a dealer that doesn't want to sit there and talk to you for half an hour every time you want to buy something.

  • BakedPenguin||

    Your guy may just be trying to not have multiple people stop by for 5 minutes, which is a pretty big tell.

  • Virginian||

    When I smoked, my guy worked at a pizza place. You texted him when you ordered a pizza, and when you picked it up he handed you two boxes instead of one. Very convenient.

  • BakedPenguin||

    The last time I had a guy, he worked at the same place I did, so I got deliveries.

  • mr simple||

    The girl also needs a specific strain to get the best results. I doubt many dealers deal in a low THC, high CBD variants of marijuana, or even know how what they're selling rates.

  • bassjoe||

    Um, did you miss the part where it said his daughter is 2? Or that the type of pot that's best for her is not commercially viable (try finding low-THC pot on the street corner... I'll wait).

    I hope you got some internal satisfaction out of calling a father who's only trying to help his 2 year old daughter a pussy. Because, seriously, you're a dick.

  • BakedPenguin||

    And Christie replied by telling the little girl "Get in my belly!"

  • timbo||

    POS tub of goo.

  • Hugh Akston||

    Beat it kid! Come back when you've got connections!

  • ||

    The Wilsons are considering moving to Colorado, where Vivian would have easy access to the medicine that could very well save her life. But because of federal laws, they would be forced to stay in the state indefinitely to legally maintain their daughter's supply, unable even to visit their home state for a holiday.

    Have to stay in Colorado?!?!?! ....Oh the humanity. All that.... fresh air, beautiful mountains.

    Maybe someone one should clue them in on these things called highways. You can travel from one spot to another on them. Many people use them to facilitate their holidays.

  • anon||

    To be fair, that's a long shitty drive with a kid in the car.

  • ||

    Let's see: DEAD vs. I-70 through Kansas. Well you got me there.

  • mr simple||

    It's even shittier if you get pulled over with a banned substance in the car.

  • ||

    Never mind that, deciding between living in the shithole called New Jersey and watching your daughter suffer or move to something a lot closer to an ideal paradise where you can have medicine that will save your child, isn't exactly a Sophie's Choice.

    This idiot should have never procreated in the first place.

  • RBS||

    unable even to visit their home state for a holiday.


  • Virginian||

    I mean if they did move to CO, what do you want to bet their new license plates would get flagged for special attention from the NJ cops.

    Hell I bet CO and WA plates are now getting pulled over much more often then the other 48 states.

  • Bean Counter||

    Actually, yes they are. I've had a few friends tell me that they didn't get 20 miles into Kansas before they got pulled over. The cops asked to search their cars.
    Wonder what they were looking for. This, of course, all started right after the vote to legalize pot.

  • Matrix||

    Sorry, but your daughter must be sacrificed on the altar of Molekh. - Gov Christie

  • Killazontherun||

    Who's your daughter's doctors? Do you want me to send them a message through my boys at the SBI? A little threat there way to make sure they do it right? I'll do that for you if you like.

  • digitaldave||

    "Christie's Department of Health has made it nearly impossible for patients to obtain medical marijuana in the Garden State. The myriad regulations include a requirement that three doctors sign off on the prescription, a ban on edible forms, and a limit on dispensaries from growing more than three strains of marijuana."
    Governor Christie is clueless on the benefits of the Cannabis (Marijuana) plant, has already stated that he believes there are no redeeming medical benefits from this marvelous plant and therefore won't actively do anything to help his states constituents in this matter.
    My advice is for your family to move immediately to Colorado or another state who has a medical marijuana facility that will help you, Governor Christie will sit on this as long as he can. If you wait for Governor Christie, your daughter will not be able to receive this life saving substance because he just doesn't get it and more importantly, Governor Christie doesn't care.

  • digitaldave||

    Washington DC is now medical marijuana distributor. Should be a way to accommodate your daughters needs there.

  • Ballz||

    If this fat fucker toked & got the munchies... LOOK OUT!...
    He'd be ONE HUGE BITCH.

  • Number 2||

    What is absurd about the NJ ban on edible marijuana is that in its 2010 diatribe against medical marijuana, taking up several pages in the 2010 President's National Drug Strategy Report, Team Obama claims that marijuana cannot be medicine because "no responsible physician" would ever recommend that medicine be smoked, because smoking is "harmful" in itself. Edible marijuana would therefore be preferable, right? Well, no, because then it could be abused, so we will only allow the smoked kind, which "no responsible physician" would ever recommend....

  • Libertarius||

    "Like to help you son, but she's too young to toke"

  • gaoxiaen||

    "Take six cheeseburgers and call me in the morning."

  • FredMax1||

    The variety that they are looking for is called R4
    It has virtually no T.H.C. and very high C.D.B
    (Yes I know it’s only here in Colorado) But if they
    Are forced by comrade Christie to come here
    You can get it from http://www.greenwerkz.com/
    I hope this helps
    New Jersey is called the garden state because
    The sanitary landfill and petrochemical refinery state
    would not fit on the license plate.

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