Subliminal Mind Warp

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 At lights out, I settled in to sleep, with no concern that there might be another night of terror. Waiting to sleep, I heard the tones become more insistent. They increased in intensity, making calculated overtures to my mind. And they came into my mind. The feeling began at the base of my skull, somewhat pleasant, disturbing only in that I could not sleep. Like a skilled masseuse, the feeling massaged my brain, from my neck to the top of my head, from my neck to the top of my head, over and over, deeper and deeper. I could not sleep. I was not allowed to sleep. My eyes could not close. I was completely clear-headed. For an hour, two hours, I was massaged and lay awake. Only when the feeling left-slowly, quietly-did I sleep. 

I was no longer euphoric. Just a state of extreme well-being and happiness. The mornings began instantly on awaking. It took little more than five seconds after lights on for me to come to complete awareness and clarity of thought. There was no morning fog from the night before. With awakening came clarity.

 With the state of well-being and clarity came an unbelievably rapid passage of time. While time can be very subjective in isolation, the confinement of 10 days passed as a single day. I floated through the days, only gradually coming down as the tenth day approached. There was no distortion of senses, no drugged feeling-just a very distinct sense of well-being, and no time.

 The one night of brain massage had modified my bio-cycle. For the rest of my stay, I never returned to a normal sleep/wake rhythm. For the duration, although there were no more brain massages, it took an hour or two to sleep, even though I'd wake up instantly and clear-headed at lights on. I had no sense of tiredness. Some parts of my mind were no longer mine to control.

 The last days were spent in an apparently near-normal psychological state, though the frequencies remained. While our time was kept busy working on the primary experiment (modifying the environment to suit our taste), I did have a chance to speak with the other two of their experiences.

 They both concurred that they had experienced the same general feelings, and each had felt the most vivid of the states-of-consciousness: the paranoia, terror, extreme clarity, and the brain massage.

 As I walked into the sunlight after 20 days of isolation, I could feel no difference from any other normal day in my life-except the memories.


 REASON: In the article you speak of some indications which let you know of the existence of the high frequencies. Were there any other indications?

 VICTOR: Yes, several. At one point in the experiment I wandered into an unoccupied room, The room was unfinished (as I indicated, they had recently remodeled the Facility) and there were some cables hanging from the wall. As I got in line with one of the coaxial cables, I could easily detect a stream of quite audible high frequencies, of the nature that I'd been experiencing, except more powerful and very directional. Apparently the brass buttons served to generalize the directiveness of the cable. I called in one of the other subjects to corroborate my perceptions and he concurred. We were quickly taken out of the room by one of the attendants.

 In another instance, a female aide was having a light conversation with one of the other subjects. The subject was speaking of his brother, who had a metal plate implanted in his skull be- cause of an epilepsy problem. She mentioned in reply that they'd had a subject in a previous experiment who had a metal plate in his skull, and that the experiment hadn't worked with him. Then she quickly caught herself and changed the topic of conversation. This is significant in that high frequen-cies are conducted through bone marrow, and don't require the ear itself for penetration. A metal plate would apparently disturb this conductive process.

 REASON: Why would they be conducting such experiments in the first place?

 VICTOR: There are beneficial reasons for wanting to retain behavioral control over a person. Long-duration voyages which involve some element of risk may benefit from a link of the voyager to a ground-based communication and control center. Astronauts and undersea mariners would be particularly suited to this method. For instance, if an astronaut en route to Mars were sleeping, and Earth control were to detect a malfunction in the space capsule, it should have thecapability of awakening the astronaut and placing his mind at instant alertness.

 REASON: That makes sense; but why would they need to experiment with such emotions as terror and hostility?

VICTOR: I don't know, I can only speculate.

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