America’s Richest Football Team Needs Your Help

Will you make a difference today?

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Without volunteer ambassadors, the Washington Redskins might have to pay someone to do their bidding. And with less than $400 million in revenue last year, they can scarcely afford to do that.

But it won’t be easy!

“A Richmond Training Camp Ambassador is not someone who will use the position to watch practice and gain access to the property,” the city says. “An Ambassador is not someone who will put their own personal enjoyment of Training Camp above fans and guests attending practice. Ambassadors may be asked to work positions with limited or no view of the playing field and the Redskins will expect these Ambassadors to work the positions assigned to them regardless of the specific duties.”

AND YET. . .

AP/Carolyn KasterAP/Carolyn KasterWhen you serve as an Ambassador, you know you will be making a difference in the lives of others. You will be creating positive change and a brighter future for those who have so little.

And if you work three shifts, you will receive an official Washington Redskins pin. For five shifts, you will get two pins. Above all else, you will be rewarded with the feeling of contributing to a positive, fan-friendly atmosphere. City officials say so.

I ask you – no, I beg you: Look at the photograph nearby. Stare into the haunted eyes of RGIII. In the face of such pain, such suffering, such torment – how could you possibly say no?

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  • UnCivilServant||

    Yay! My comment caused a reaction - we got the article. Deleted my comment, but I don't care.

    And why should anyone give their time for free to a for-profit agency? If they're in need of financing for the people to direct visitors, charge admission - or use the funds from the admission you charge to pay for the help.

    I know, the article was satirical along the exact same lines, but satire detection was a module on my broken sarcasm detector.

  • Juice||

    And why should anyone give their time for free to a for-profit agency?

    Or be forced to pay for their stadia and training camps? Or be forced to pay them at all? Starting next year we'll all be forced to pay for-profit agencies to the tune of thousands of dollars a year.

  • ||

    Who could possibly support the general idea of more limited government, when the government does so much to lift people out of poverty?

  • umh||

    I wish I had been able to say no to the whole idea.

  • cheerblossom||

    This is just one of the sarcastic reasons why riches become more richer. The income gap between the wealthy elite and the shrinking class is wider than it was a year ago. According to Forbes, most of the 400 wealthiest people in the country saw their net worth increase since this time in 2011. Source for this article: get much more information with


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