Washington Stalls the Food Truck Lobby

D.C. office drones are happy about new lunch options, restaurants and the city council aren't so thrilled.

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Still, many food-truck owners are just one cracked engine block or arbitrary parking rule away from calling it quits. One of the city’s highest-rated vendors, Basil Thyme, may close in the next few weeks. Brian Farrell, who owns the pasta and lasagna trucks, points the floury finger of blame straight at regulators: “The city of D.C. has been nothing but a series of hurdles and difficulties,” he told a reporter for CityPaper, the local alternative weekly. “They’re just painful to deal with.”

That was followed by one of the saddest sentences a foodie could ever read about a successful culinary entrepreneur: Farrell, the paper said, “plans to return to his previous career in IT sales.”

This story originally appeared on Bloomberg View on May 27, 2013. 

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  • JW||

    “It’s not competition, it’s an infestation!” exclaimed Steve Loeb, the owner of Loeb’s Deli, at a nine-hour committee hearing earlier this month. The pastrami purveyor was protesting the plague of food trucks parked in the public square near his restaurant.

    Some parasites never know when it's time to drop off from the host.

    Get your own fucking truck and compete.

  • Anders||

    Some restaurants have gotten their own trucks - they compete AND drive revenue to their main restaurant (s).

    One cannot condone such immoral displays of jungle capitalism.

  • zafina502||

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  • Warrren||

    Tulpa tulpa tulpa. Tul tulpaa tulpa!

  • phandaal||

    I have a hard time caring that a bunch of gummint workers are going without their walking tacos and subs.

    In summary: fuck DC.

  • Enjoy Every Sandwich||

    Councilor Vincent B. Orange offered an astonishingly candid take on the government’s position. “You do have to give the government some deference,” he said. “Right now there are 200 trucks, and I think the government has a right to say the limit is 250. That’s it. That’s going to be our food-truck industry.”

    Governments don't have rights, pinhead.

  • Duke||

    Vincent B. Orange

    You mean Vincent is Orange.

  • Mickey Rat||

    If the government is going to pull a number like 250 out its nether regions and say that's the limit, then the government deserves no deference whatsoever.

  • ||

    Hey, it works for taxis!

  • barbararose44||

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