It's Not Just Teachers Unions Causing Public Education to Stagnate

It's the entire public education monopoly.

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They said if charter schools must exist, the union should run one, and they “would create a school where all parents would want to send their children.” So New York City gave the United Federation of Teachers a charter school of its own. The union boss called it an “oasis.”

But what happened? Today, the teachers union school is one of New York’s worst. It got a “D” on its city report card. Only a third of its students read at grade level. And the school still lost a million dollars.

Yet it’s the union’s model school! I assume they tried their best, staffed it with some of their best teachers. The union knew we were watching. But with union rules, and the Blob’s bureaucracy, they failed miserably.

I really want to ask them why they hate competition, but they won’t come on my show.

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  • GregMax||

    Hey, another classic example of bureaucratic adipose. This will be one of the chapters in the demise of the American economy. The postal service, the educational blob, government, courts and politicians shitting on our rights, the media in the tank for collectivist policy con-artists.
    Freedom, collectivism, fascism and then civil war. Mr. Creosote needs another thin mint.

  • buybuydandavis||

    "As measured by student achievement, his schools are the best. But the Blob doesn’t care. "

    The Blob cares very much. That's why they have to shut it down.

  • Willfiredog||

    But it's for the kiiidddssdss!


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