Warrantless Spying Skyrockets Under Obama

And the news is being met with the equivalent of crickets chirping.

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We saw this during the Bush years among conservatives, who (mostly) ignored the administration’s profligate spending. Under Bush, domestic discretionary spending rose faster than at any time since LBJ’s. Most of those on the right were too busy rooting on the Iraq war and bashing peace activists to notice. Conservative concern about runaway federal spending did not pick up again until . . . well, until roughly 12:05 EST January 20, 2009. What a coincidence.

This team-sports approach has led to a one-way ratchet of government expansion. Conservatives were so busy supporting Bush’s expansion of war powers that they let him betray their small-government principles in domestic affairs. Liberals have been so happy to see Obama expand government’s domestic scope that they have let him betray their values on civil liberties and war powers. In the process, each side has come off looking like a bunch of partisan cheerleaders who care about certain issues only when it’s politically convenient.

That’s the thing about principles. If you don’t try to apply them consistently, then people are apt to conclude you don’t really have any.

This column originally appeared in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. 

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  • Ice Nine||

    So, the press is in the bag for Obama, then?

  • Srynerson||

    The Bush-Cheney administration’s critics managed to sustain a state of apoplexy for eight long years. No infringement on the Constitution was too minor to merit a fresh geyser of outrage. Yet now the wells have run dry. So the better explanation probably has more to do with Americans’ Red Team-Blue Team approach to politics.

    Grade A horseshit. The New York Times withheld a story on warrantless surveillance by the Bush administration until after the 2004 election:

  • John||

    So the New York Times not running one story in 04 outweighs the ocean of coverage the issue got elsewhere?

    Troll somewhere else.

  • Srynerson||

    Hinkle specifically complains in this article about the lack of coverage by the NYT of warrantless spying by Obama. Go suck GOP cock somewhere else this morning, John.

  • John||

    And he is right. Did the NYT not publish that article and many others? The delay of one article does nothing to prove your point when put up against the raft of other stories the NYT published under Bush but didn't publish under Obama.

    Go troll elsewhere. Since you are a liberal, it is not like you are smart enough or rational enough to do anything but lie and troll anyway.

  • dinkster||

    Hey look, another team blue tool is calling us team red. Go figure.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Balko's rule applies here. The press they love them some authoritarianism. I don't know if we'd see anything different from a McCain spyfest, other than maybe coverage of some Dem pols crying about it.

  • CampingInYourPark||

    "A. Barton Hinkle on the Lack of Coverage of Obama's Warrantless Spying"

    You don't say

  • R C Dean||

    Howabout an article on the lack of coverage of Obama's adminstration generally?

    Seriously, the alt media is chock full of incredibly damaging information on Benghazi alone which is being studiously ignored.

  • ||

    According to NBC this morning Obama's eyebrows are superior to Romney's. I'm glad they're covering that so that informed voters will know who to best pick for President.

  • Paul.||

    The New York Times—which won a Pulitzer for breaking the warrantless-wiretapping story during the Bush years—has not seen fit to mention the ACLU’s findings. A. Barton Hinkle wonders if the election season has anything to do with that.

    Does one really need to wonder?

  • bendover||

    In 2009 the PEW Foundation published their "excellence in journalism" report on the 2008 presidential election. In it they disclosed that for every one positive story on McCain campaign, there were four negative stories. The reporting on the the Obama campaign was the mirror image; that is, for every one negative story on Obama, there were four positive stories generated.

    I can't wait to see the PEW report in 2013.

  • landypeter@gmail.com||

    ALERT: Local neighborhood watch networks are recruited into citizen spy syndicates, trained and coordinated by Fusion Centers to spy, fabricate and frame bogus national threat alerts against law abiding, liberty promoting American patriots. Here's a peek into the underworld of citizen spies trained to report, harass, mob target and violate America's Civil and Constitutional rights.
    Check out the following
    and there's much more expose about their incredible, brazen, daylight racketeering.
    Best Regards,

  • tipuasher||

    recognition for your post and it is nice of you to let somebody in on it here, there are so many information.


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