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Education: “Although it may sound drastic, there are practical reasons why [abolishing the Department of Education] should be considered” – Tried twice to introduce statewide school voucher programs in New Mexico. Continues to support individual choice in education: “All parents should have an opportunity to choose which school their children attend.. It's time to free individuals from burdensome federal mandates so they can pursue the right educational strategies.”

Energy: “Energy Entrepreneurship is the Solution to America’s Clean Energy Needs,” declares an article at “Lower taxes, less spending, fewer strangling regulations, an end to all the credit-hogging by the US Treasury, and other business-friendly policies will make sure the American economy is strong and awash with the capital and credit it needs to fuel entrepreneurship, while breaking down the barriers that keep new entrepreneurs from getting off the ground.” As governor, Johnson supported energy policies of National Governors Association and Western Governors Association. 

Religious? Yes, but with less volume than is typical for Republican candidates. When asked about his religious beliefs and views on the role of religion in society, Johnson, a Lutheran, responds, “I believe in God, which has given me a very fundamental belief that we should do unto others as we would have others do unto us.”

Appeal for libertarians? Has spoken in favor of smoking bans and the like, but regularly uncorks heart-warming statements such as, "I really don't like to be told what to do" and "In terms of individual liberties and fiscal responsibility, opposition to the drug war is perfectly consistent with true Republican Party values."

Horoscope for 2011:  Johnson has had a tough 2011, consistently polling in the low single digits and getting bumped from most of the Republican debates. But suggests his luck may change: “You may start 2011 feeling tired and discouraged, but your mood will pick up very quickly. Keep yourself busy doing what you love. It'll lift your spirits and stimulate your creativity. You have a strong constitution, and you rarely get sick.” 

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  • SpatialOrientation||

    Great GJ profile! What more could you want from a political candidate?

  • ||

    Excellent, objective coverage. Gary Johnson or Ron Paul need to get the GOP nomination, or I'm voting Libertarian again.

  • Tank||

    I thought Johnson reduced the state workforce by 1,200 jobs, but didn't actually fire anyone. Or something like that.


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