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But Nick Nolte’s performance in this film is its central revelation. Now 70 years old, Nolte gathers together every sad detail of a man who has wasted most of his life on drink, and driven away everyone who ever might have loved him and lightened the burdens of an isolated old age. Over the course of a 40-year career, this actor has often been excellent; and in recent years he has been nominated twice for Academy Awards (for Affliction and The Prince of Tides). There may finally be a win in his future, because in playing a weary man worn down by all the wrong turns his life has taken, he has probably never been better.  

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    Knowing a bit about biotechnology, I find it really difficult not to tune out during thrillers about contagious diseases.

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    Yeah despite all the scientific terminology they seem to be about as plausible as alien invasion movies or zombie movies. The virus is always something "never seen before." What's usually left out is the reason why things like that have "never been seen before" is that they don't generally exist or work that way in nature.

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    Feel the same way about movies (and TV) that have hacking in them. Invariably it is moronic. I think the last movie that showed a reasonable facsimile of war dialing and brute force hacking was Wargames.

    Also, lockpicking. Most of the time they don't even use a torque wrench. So stupid. However, lockpicking has been getting better. And over the last 10 years, gun handling has gotten so much better on TV; I mean, amazingly better.

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    You must have loved Untraceable then. I know it provided some LOLs for me. :),2329/

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    Haven't seen it, but I liked that review. The points about stuff like The Net were spot on.

    True abominations in terms of computer hacking are Hackers, any Michael Bay movie involving computers, and of course, the ultimate: Independence Day. They hacked an alien starship's computer! With a Mac!

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    First, The Stand fucking rocked. One of the Kings best books.

    Second, would it really be that hard for some shit like this to happen? We've had deadly flu outbreaks etc before where millions have died.

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    Uh, when?

  • cw||

    The Spanish flu from 1918 to 1919.

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    So nolte's playing himself then.

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  • Max||

    A virus that can't be seen should pose no problem to you libertoids. You always manage to see what you want.

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    Man, Kurt, why didn't you warn that you were going to spoil who dies in the movie. You're on my never read again list now.

  • Occasional Moviegoer||


  • Occasional Commenter||


  • Yo!||

    "some very unique twists"

  • redefiler||

    Saw at a screening this last weekend. Loder was either high or getting a blow job during this movie (unlikely, because close-ups of Paltrow 'emoting' shrivel the testicles). I think the general public wants to see more early Paltrow death scenes, but it takes a special kind of prick to keep bringing her back and ruining it.

    This movie is 80% people talking 'split screen' on cell phones to each other. I wish they had just made this an ad for a cell provider, because obviously they offer superior call service, be nice to know which brand to go with. But for a movie its a total cop out and cheesy way to waste screen time.

    It's another typical Soderbergh movie, a worn out plot, a boring over-exposed & well past their prime 'A' list cast, and a cheap TV quality production. Save your money, in fact, just hold $20 up to the light and ask 'I wonder how many germs are on this' and you've seen the movie.

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    As soon as I saw Soderbergh's name on it I thought this would be the case. The guy hasn't made a unique or fresh movie since Sex, Lies, and Videotape. Half his movies are either remakes of other movies, from a book, or a sequel to one of his movies. I half expected this one to be from a book or a remake of a foreign film.

  • coward||

    "Save your money, in fact, just hold $20 up to the light and ask 'I wonder how many germs are on this' and you've seen the movie."


  • Enrique||

    Thanks for the spoiler alert!

  • Tortillapete||

    You had me at "killing off Gwyneth Paltrow very near the beginning of the story"

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    It was the best part of Se7en, though unfortunately Fincher waited until the end.

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    "What's in the box?? Tell me what's in the box!!!"

    Her character was pretty superfluous except for that awesome ending.

  • Warty||

    I would never have expected Warrior to be any good. I might have to check it out.

  • Bob||

    Hey Kurt? You're an asshole. Not only do you put up spoilers, you put them in the excerpt on rotten tomatoes.

    You win the award for 2011's "Most Retarded Reviewer". Congrats.

  • Jim Treacher||

    You didn't know it was about MMA?

  • A Serious Man||

    It wasn't a spoiler people, we know Damon's wife dies from the trailer where we see him freak out at the hospital.

  • chaussures mbt||


  • Ted S.||

    The only means of building suspense is to observe the rogue pathogen’s effects on the central characters, and to wonder who among them will die.

    Apparently Kurt Loder never saw Panic in the Streets or The Killer That Stalked New York, both from all the way back in 1950. They both have only one main character getting the contagious disease, and since that character is a criminal in both cases, you know they're going to die. And yet the movies are both excellent, especially The Killer That Stalked New York, which was really just a little B-movie.

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    Please tell me that the inane Zinn-Muddist dope Matt Damon dies early. Paltrow the slut is not enough.

  • Jim Treacher||

    Tom Hardy is amazing in Bronson. I didn't think the movie really worked, but it was through no fault of his. Indelible.

  • Ron||

  • kicksneakerboxes||



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