The Horrible Truth about Super-Science

An interview with Jackson Publick of The Venture Brothers

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Reason: Do you think you've succeeded in creating characters and a universe that lives up to other sci-fi or superhero shows? Is there Venture Brothers fanfiction?

JP: There is, and most of it involves Master Billy Quizboy and Pete White [two incompetent allies of the Venture team] having sex with each other. If there's a genuine attempt at Venture brothers story, I don't read it. I don't want to accidentally get accused of stealing an idea, and reading anybody else's version of it would be weird.

Reason: You wouldn't want these characters to take on that sort of life - to become like the D.C. or Marvel characters, stuff that other writers could tackle?

JP: I'd like to seem them try. Doc and I are so far up our own asses that I don't think we could even find people to take over if we wanted to keep the show going, like The Simpsons. I don't have any interest in making the next Mickey Mouse or seeing the characters mass produced in other media. It's a personal thing to me and to Doc. If it wasn't a TV show, I'd be doing it as comic book and Xeroxing copies out to sell at conventions.

David Weigel is an associate editor of Reason.

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