"Go back to Italy you *&^%&&^% WOP"!

Viewers respond to Reason Editor Nick Gillespie's recent O'Reilly Factor appearance

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Subject: O'reilly show


It is amazing how many nuts are falling from the trees in diverse American now. The AMERICAN National Anthem is just what it says American, not Mexican American or African American BUT AMERICAN only as far as I am concerned. No I am not against any race but enough is enough. Mexico and Africa are both countries that are falling apart and we are suppose to help them or we don't care but then we cannot be a people who are American, why? We are supposed to tolerate everyone and everything but we cannot have our own rights, again why? I am a Baptist preacher and many think that Jesus was a tolerate LORD and that is deadly wrong. Jesus loves us all but He hates sin and does not tolerate sin at all and we should not either. Tolerance is making our country go down fast and I love America and I am not a Irish American I am a American, period. Again, hate me if you want but I am not like others who will change my mind because someone does not like it. I don't want anyone to dislike me but I cannot and do not live my life on their rules but on what my LORD Jesus tells me thru His word, not what others say His word says. If you do not like America leave. Jesus Will Rule With a Rod of Iron Like it OR Not,

Subject: Italian Descent

I just saw you on O'Reilly and I can't say how you upset me. My father also immigrated from Italy. When living in Syracuse, he decided to become a US citizen. This was in the early 30s. He had to attend night school to learn about our government. His notes are all in English. I still have some of them. He became a US citizen.

I was brought up in an Italian neighborhood in Poughkeepsie. We all attended a Catholic school with the majority of the students being Italian first generation Americans. We were taught in English. The merchants in the neighborhood spoke to us in English even though most of the students were bilingual. I NEVER had any teacher give me special instructions in English.

The one thing that unites us as a country is our common language. Once you start breaking up into different nationalities, the nation will break up. We have one language, one national anthem sung in English...period.

Those who have immigrated here should be assimilated and learn to speak English as soon as they can. There are always exceptions like your grandfather, but they should not be in the majority.

Thanks for reading my note.


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