"Go back to Italy you *&^%&&^% WOP"!

Viewers respond to Reason Editor Nick Gillespie's recent O'Reilly Factor appearance

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Subject: Spanish National Anthem

Dear Nick, I just saw you with Bill O. on FNC. Aside from not adding anything to the discussion other than a typical lefty response, you belittled the senator from TN. for his "white heritage". I think that you and other libs do this because you really think that all white republicans live in the south. Of course you are wrong. I live in Redding, CT. and probably am smarter and wealthier than you. If you ever try to peddle that self hating american crap here in front of me, I will confront you. I will also add that I am better looking as well. I say this last thing because I know that it bothers you. Nice wussy leather jacket too!


Subject: Your Oreilly appearance 5/2/06 comment

Hi Nick,

Couldn't help but have to comment. In a "melting pot" country like ours with immigrants from dozens of languages and cultures, we'd have anarchy if every immigrant insisted on just using their native language. It's having a common language and a common foundation in law that unites us. Not just hard work towards common goals. I just can't agree with you. (though I support your right to your opinion)

Take Care,


Subject: I Saw You on O'Reilly

Dear Mr. Gillespe,

I just finished watching you on the O'Reilly Factor with Former Senator Lamar Alexander. I am convinced from your input on the show, as well as the Reason magazine website, that you are a nut-job and a crack-pot. As an American, I am fed up with your bleeding-heart, leftist, communist view-point and I'm fed up with it shoved in my face!!!!! You are an idiot and are out of control. You certainly have no trouble speaking English, yet you deplore the thought of anyone ILLEGALLY coming into my country doing the same thing. At least your grandparents had the decency to come to America the legal and correct way, not slithering and running into America like common criminals that you celebrate. As much as I disagree with President Bush, I'm not obsessed with searing and unjustified hatred for him. I can sleep at night without an ulcer, but have determined that you cannot. Your day of reckoning with "TRUE" Americans is coming soon. You will have to answer for the years of stupidity and bias that you have thrown into the fan of life!! You certainly have smelled up my America with your crap!!! And to think you have the audacity to have a doctorate in English!! Holy Crap, what a rip-off of the American University system one that has been corrupted and poisoned by the likes of morons like you!!!


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