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"Real I.D." for an all too real world

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Indulging in this sort of snarky irony against power becomes cold comfort after awhile, even if it reminds us that we are pretty much able to say whatever we want about the crazy shit they keep doing to us in Washington. And there's the "practical" consideration that, hey, it isn't really that often, yet, that you are asked for I.D. in this world by people who don't have some legitimate, non-coercive, business reason to ask. On a day-to-day level, so far, for most of us, there is a lot of room to live and work and thrive relatively unmolested in America.

But laws like H.R. 418 are designed to severely tighten those gaps in which we can live and do business, with our government or with others, with privacy and dignity intact. Things have changed since 9/11, it's true. Given the paltry amount of verifiable terrorist activity on our shores since then, though, they've mostly changed as a result of the wars waged and laws passed by our leaders who keep assuring us that, hey, things have changed since 9/11, not because of anything inherent in the hideous new age allegedly launched with that evil attack.

Oh, there is much ruin in a nation, and Americans have had their virginity as a supposedly free people violated so often that outraged cries are, perhaps, more ironic indulgence than a source of believable moral dudgeon. Still, it feels good to say that, even though H.R. 418 isn't the law of the land yet, the fact that a majority of our elected representatives in the House voted for it is a disgrace. And whatever pressure can be brought to bear on the Senate to make sure it gets no further would be pressure exerted in the cause of what George W. Bush insists his administration stands for: "the guiding ideal of liberty for all."

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