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"You're aware that the swastika has a particular meaning—" Lisa starts to say.

"Sure. The Zionists cooperated with Hitler throughout the thirties. Zionism gave aid to dictators." He walks off with nonchalance. Lisa has gotten no satisfaction from the exchange.

But I'm not feeling so hot myself. What kind of shitheel am I? If there's one thing Lisa Stampnitzki doesn't need, it's me trying to cause trouble between her and a truculent troglodyte. And as it happens, the crowd is getting less agreeable even without my attentions.

7:30 comes and goes. Except for a series of rules laid down by the Hillel organizers (No bags or signs allowed in the building, no admittance without a ticket, no misbehavior during the speech, all attendees will be frisked), there's no indication that we'll ever be allowed in to see the U.S. Institute of Peace's newest board member.

At the far end of the Pimentel courtyard, there's an argument going on:

"...I have relatives in Israel, so you don't have to tell me how hard things are."

"So you don't think Jews should have a right of return to Israel?"

"No. Everybody should have a right of return."

"So, like, Jews who live in France should endure the anti-Semitism there instead of emigrating?"

"Anti-Semitism needs to be dealt with when it occurs. It's like racism everywhere. Ultimately, it's going to be one state for everybody there. When your grandchildren are being raised."

"Well I hope my grandchildren are born in Israel."

"So then what do you think should be done about the occupied territories?"

"I think the PA should be destroyed completely, and new leaders will rise up like Sadat in Egypt and, uh, Hussein in Jordan. But I'm also against forced transfer of Jews from the so-called West Bank and Gaza. I think that's racism."

"Any forced transfer of any people is wrong."

"Exactly, so I say 'You live in Ramallah and I live in Qiryat Arba.'"

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