Why Buffy Kicked Ass

The deep meaning of TV's favorite vampire slayer

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"It flies in the face of everything we've ever -- every generation has ever done in the fight against evil," says Giles, her former Watcher and father figure, when Buffy lays out her plan in the finale. "I think it's bloody brilliant."

Life's pleasures are precious. Buffy maintains her sense of humor, her great hair, and her love of ice cream. She has fun with the friends she loves. The jokes and playful language are as essential to the Buffyverse as the earnest sentiments they cut across.

"So what do you guys want to do tomorrow?" Buffy asks her best friends as they walk to their final battle, a battle none expects to survive. "I was thinking of shopping, as per usual." Banter ensues about shoe cravings and the right look for a guy with an eye patch.

"Aren't we going to discuss this?" asks Giles, befuddled and a tad disapproving. "Save the world, and go to the mall?"

Well, yes. That's the world they're fighting for.

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  • LarryA||

    Though Postrel's analysis is accurate, the tone of the TV series came from the 1992 movie. I recall it as a breath of fresh air, the equal of the much more popular Unforgiven and The Last of the Mohicans.


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