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Roselyn Crewse

Frank vs. Joe

RE: NY City smoking ban. What happened to property rights? If I own a bar and want to allow smoking, shouldn't the government just butt out? (no pun intended) Private property rights seems to have disappeared from the debate on smoking bans. In America, the free market should drive consumer choices. If Frank's Bar allows smoking and Joe's Bar doesn't I can choose to patronize whichever one matches my lifestyle. I am fed up with the government acting as nanny for me.

Stephen A. Mallison


You got this one right!! I don't smoke, but the very idea of the government telling a businessman/woman that they can't have smoking in their place of business, is ludicrous, (I had to look that word up for spelling). How have we come to this place where a few malcontents control the rest of us? I know this wasn't what the founders intended. We are losing on a daily basis. Here in California, the no smoking ban hasn't caused people to stop going to bars. It has caused them to congregate outside the front/back door of the bar for most of their time at the establishment. Decreasing their purchase time inside. As I said, I don't smoke, but the frightening future this sets up is unbelievable. What next? You can't cook those pork chops outside on your bbq grill because it offends your neighbor who doesn't eat pork? I'm scared Jacob. Really scared of what's happening.



Re: Filter Tips (12/6)

Honi soit qui mal y pense

Your witty, sarcastic piece on France's effort to filter web-hate was brilliant as well as informative. I enjoyed your sarcastic repartee. France, my own ethnic homeland, ought be ashamed of its blatant assault on free thinking.

Alfred Ducharme
Alexandria, Virginia

Re: Hold the Lard! (12/5)

Recommends Atkins

What a load of rubbish. I tried the Atkins Diet for 30 days and lost 30 pounds. Contrary to Mr. Fumento's article, my caloric intake did not decrease. Even Mr. Fumento agrees that those on the atkins diet lost more weight than the low fat dieters. He also acknowledges the healthy fats increased in the blood and unhealthy ones decreased.

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