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Advances in automotive engineering that are occuring right now (anti-roll-stability control, hybrid and clean diesel powertrains, on-demand cylinder displacement, advanced high strength steels, etc.) are going to render most of the arguments against sport utility vehicles relatively meaningless in the next five to ten years. I just wonder if their critics will notice.


Jim Nelsen

Re: E Pluribus Umbrage (11/18)

Irish on the outside

A small point related to your claim that "Irish" is nowhere recognized as a racial category. It is recognised as an ethnic category on almost any official form in Britain, such as the census or university application forms, where you are asked to describe your ethnic identity. There are several categories for white people including white Irish.

Aoife de Faoite - actual Irish person in Ireland.


Why is there no group to combat stereotypes of WASPs or the continual portrayal of Englishmen as effete but nasty villains in Hollywood films? Only joking, and its probably better than being the token ethnic who gets wasted by the bad guys.

I liked the article.

Dr Toby Mottram
Silsoe Research Institute

Why we don't call Ph.D.s "doctor"

You are probably right that Nor is there incentive to declare victory and go home, even when victory clearly has been won

But "penny press" or "penny paper of the penny press" might have been more accurate and evocative than... AHAD is a penny stock, with no paid staff, office, or telephone. AHAD convenes

I don';t think teaching about attempted genocide is a "gratuitous curriculum requirement...see Lynn CHeney if you want to see gratuitous curriculum requirements... gratuitous curriculum requirement that Empire State public schools teach the Irish famine as an attempted genocide by the British government

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